WhistleWatch »OSC Finds HHS Secretary Sebelius Violated Hatch Act

WhistleWatch » Blog Archive » OSC Finds HHS Secretary Sebelius Violated Hatch Act.

The Office of Special Counsel has determined that on February 25, 2012, Kathleen Sebelius made partisan comments during a speech made in her official capacity. This is a violation of the Hatch Act which constrains public official from political activity to affect the outcome of an election.

The HHS department, after the fact, reclassified the trip as personal and Sebelius had to reimburse the costs.

The Report by the OCS has been sent to the president and it will go absolutely Nowhere.

It would be good to check who paid for Sebelius’ trip to the DNC to shill and resell Obamacare a week ago.