Obama Possibly Chose Chuck Hegel for His Incompetence

Hagel’s 7 Worst Moments in Round One | Washington Free Beacon.

Chuck Hagel’s blundering and gaffes, during the first part of his confirmation hearings to head the Defense Dept. left senators shocked by his performance. Click above to watch videos showing some of his blunders above. Most particularly striking is his endorsement of Obama’s Iran nuclear containment position, and shortly later saying that there is no position on containment.

Amateur Oddsmakers Shift Bets to the Ravens

Niners CB says openly gay players would not be welcomed on the team – Yahoo! Sports.

Big political incorrectness  from Chris Culliver of the San Francisco 49ers, who suggests that openly gay football players would not have a welcoming reception in the locker room, may have an effect on the Superbowl outcome.

People  are moving their bets to the Ravens, thinking that morale of  the 49ers will be crushed under the weight of bad press.

In an attempt to forestall the flood of media castigation, an apology from Culliver has been issued.   The 49ers assure fans that they proudly support the LGBT community.


“Whatever Happened to Common Sense?” – E.T. Williams

Elmer (E.T.) Williams is a modern day prophet, verbally flogging Americans  for their political sins, and dragging them back to the land of common sense.  Check out his Blog.  From there you can surf his videos, pick up his books, and tune into “the Doctor of Common Sense” on blogtalkradio.

Like Pharmer,  Mr. Williams has concluded that the two dominant political parties are not getting the job done, and he’s entertaining the probability of a third party alternative.

Watch: Mr. Williams processes the Fast and Furious gun running debacle for the Obama Supporters:

More Housework, Less Sex for Men

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, whines the AFP  report on a study comparing men who do more “traditionally female”  chores around the house, compared to men who do not.

More housework, less sex for married men: study – FRANCE 24.

Carefully left out of this report are the confounding factors which drive guys to do housework, the most significant of which would be

1) chronic  illness of the wife,

2) longer work hours for the wife,

3) income and privacy impediments which would often attend households with a female primary breadwinner,

4) marriage to a feminazi!  😉

This study is just another one among millions which raise an  association vs causation question.


15-Year-Old Girl Shot And Killed In Chicago, Kenwood Neighborhood Park

On Jan 21, Hadiya Pendleton performed with her high school band at Obama’s inauguration.  On Jan 29, she was shot dead in Vivian Gordon Harsh Park of Chicago, a likely unintended consequence of the gang-related shootings which are common in that city.  Pendleton was not believed to be gang affiliated  but some of the teens standing near her under the canopy  were likely members.

15-Year-Old Girl Shot And Killed In Kenwood Neighborhood Park « CBS Chicago.

Putting Chicago’s problem in perspective: the killings that city vastly exceed the U.S. death toll in Afghanistan.

We await Obama’s response to the rampant and deadly violence in his blue home city, with the strict gun regulations.

Political Pundit Bows to Rush Limbaugh

and the Politico saw fit to publish it.

It seems that people are finally going to admit that Obama’s intention has been  to transform the U.S. into a Socialist, European style of has-been country.  Rush Limbaugh and about 20 million people understood that already.  Remember that Rush’s audience listen to him mostly because he articulates their mindset in eloquent English, and makes them feel less “alone”.  He is not thinking for them.  He is  speaking for them.

Finally the political pundits are catching up to what the true conservatives always thought was obvious.

Rush Limbaugh was right – POLITICO.com. (-Rich Lowry of National Review)

On the Relationship of Gay Marriage and Human Trafficking

Your friendly Pharmer spotted a link  at Jill Stanek’s blog which needs to be passed on.  Robert Oscar Lopez, himself the son of a lesbian mother, reveals a transformation in the gay community which has aligned it with the industries of human trafficking and creation of designer babies.  Kids have become commodities, and anyone who objects, including the children themselves, will be  publicly scourged for homophobia.

Lopez states that the fight for gay marriage was  to provide legal cover “from criticism for their bioethical stunts”.

Click below and read:

Articles: The Oncoming Human Rights Crisis…Caused by the LGBT Movement.

Psssst Media Secret: FBI investigates NJ Sen. Bob Menendez for Use of Underage Prostitutes

You won’t hear hardly a whisper of this if you watch the mainstream news. Sen Bob Menendez apparently likes to visit the Dominican Republic, via private aircraft for recreational reasons. He has a Democrat, donor buddy, Dr. Salomon Melgen, an opthalmologist with whom he likes to party, and the FBI knows it. This is why they have raided said physician’s office complex looking for evidence, and have driven away with van’s full of material.
Some other problems of Dr. Melgen, besides his party life with Sen Menendez, are his successive tax liens, amounting to many millions of dollars.

For background, you can visit HERE, and see the original interviews of women in the Dominican Republic, who say that Sen. Menendez paid them for sex. The women reported that he promised them $500, but they only received $100.

When pressed about the accusation, Senator Menendez said that he would not dignify the story with a response.

Emails pertaining to the FBI investigation have been published HERE.   On the sidebar, at that link, is a flash widget  for downloading the dossier of the federal investigation, containing many email screenshots and other information.

Update,  The Miami Herald  has taken notice, and so has Drudge.

Bob Menendez, were the parties that good??


Dial 911, for another Waaaaaaaaaaaambulance call for Steve Driehaus, Abortion Supporting Dem

When FORMER Ohio Rep. Steve Driehaus lost his 2010 bid against Republican Steve Chabot, he threw a temper tantrum directed at the Susan B. Anthony list.  The latter pro-life group had put up billboards citing Driehaus for his abortion support, because he voted in favor of Obamacare.  At first Driehaus pursued a criminal charges against Marjorie Dannefelser, of the SBA list, with the Ohio Elections board.  That effort was abandoned for an attempt to turn his loss in to money with a civil defamation suit, claiming that the SBA list cost him his job.

This suit was allowed to proceed, but eventually was decided against sore loser, Driehaus, by Judge Timothy Black.   This Obama appointed Judge, a former director of planned parenthood, initially  supported Driehaus’s legal pursuits, but eventually tipped in favor of the SBA List.  Possible inducements for this decision probably included the ACLU’s  backing of  the SBA List, (and their own interests) as well as the recent Supreme Court decision of the Alvarez vs U.S. (Stolen Valor) case.