Meet Rabbi David Bendory of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

‘The Purpose of Our Organization Is Plain and Simple: To Destroy Gun Control’ — Meet the Jewish Group Behind That Mantra |

Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, David Bendory, heads up Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.   He’s acutely aware of the gun restrictions which preceded Hitler’s genocide in WWII Germany.  Raised in leftie Essex NJ, guns were not part of his upbringing.  His views changed drastically after visits to Israel, where heavily armed  guards are everywhere, and after the 2008 Islamic terrorist attacks in Mumbai, in which Jews were among those specifically targeted.

Membership in the rather small gun owners organization has skyrocketed in the last 18 months under the stewardship of Rabbi Bendory.  Learn more about gun toting Jews and their views HERE.

Rimjin-gang -Reports from Inside North Korea

Rimjin-gang – Report, Column and Survey – ASIAPRESS.

North Koreans are able to get news to the outside via Rimjin Gang, which is compiled by Asia Press.   What’s up now is a series of stories about the starvation.  Now is the time that food stores from the fall  are running out, (bori-kage) and people are the most malnourished.  It’s the worst time of year until May, when early crops are harvested.

There’s a  spate of stories about cannibalism in North Korea.  Reportedly, some people are cooking and eating their own children.  Devolution is a bit further along in that starving country, than here in the U.S. where food is plentiful, but people have other uses for the tissue of their offspring.

Surprise: Obama Goes Shooting ‘All the Time,’ He Claims -Breitbart


Surprise: Obama Goes Shooting ‘All the Time,’ He Claims.

He says the shoot-fests happen at Camp David.

It’s Man’s Country.

Pharmer is wondering where  Matt Drudge, Jerome Corsi and Kevin DuJan will run with this.

Here’s one answer…..

Breitbart tries to keep it clean.

such a super soaker


UPDATE….. We are laughing at New Republic for trying to pawn off a fake photo of Obama wielding a shotgun, and almost keeling over.  Could this have been their idea of what happens to him after firing?  Caught at The Weekly Standard.

This gun is tooooooo big for Barry

MORE UPDATE: Insiders who have seen Obama’s limited shooting at Camp David state that he could not have appeared more UNcomfortable handling a gun. He put himself through a 5 minute ordeal during a traditional shooting event (The President’s Cup) with the Marine guards.
See that report HERE.

Barry can’t let it go UPDATE:   White House provides that Once in a lifetime shot of Obama firing a shotgun.   The pic has so many caveats and restrictions attached that the media might not be showing it for long.

Party at Twitchy– users are photo-ENHANCING Obama’s pic.  Fun stuff HERE.

Tiny Anti-Gun Rally in Washington DC gets Big Coverage, While the Huge March for Life is Ignored

Reuters carefully kept the camera angles low to conceal the fact that the Anti-gun rally on Saturday, in Washington DC was less than a hundredth of the size of the annual March for Life.   “Thousands” were said to have attended.  See for yourself by checking out their slide show HERE.   This would be considered a mandate from the people for the Obama administration.

But 40 years of THIS  happening every January in the capitol means absolutely nothing to the Obama administration and its useless media.  Check out the 2013 March for life slide show found by Bing image search.
Nothing for the media to see here.  NYT had been ignoring it for years, but published just a little bit on it this time.
Here’s a video by Rico Viqueira at ground level, which gives some views of March for Life 2013 passing through.


Now…….. take a look at Telegraph TV, showing you  the “1 percent” at the anti-gun rally in DC, on the day after the March for Life.

Who do you think has the ear of the Obama administration?

Record Breaking Crowds at March for Life 2013, Washington DC

‘March for Life’ rally protests abortion in Washington, DC (PHOTOS) | GlobalPost.

Hundreds of thousands gathered in the nation’s Capitol on the 40th anniversary of the Roe V Wade disaster, to protest abortion, and attend numerous educational events for pro-life activists.  Jeanne Monahan, leading the March organizers, was expecting more than the 400,000 who showed up last year, because their reserved hotel blocks sold out a month earlier this time. reports that expectations were met with more than a half million attending the rally this year, including a record breaking number from Catholic colleges from around the country.

Meanwhile, the Duggar family, which is large enough to hold protests without outside assistance, has launched a new pro-life website, offering resources to those interested in ending abortion.   It’s debut was timed to coincide with the March for Life yesterday.  Take a look HERE.     A permanent link is on the sidebar.

MSNBC Host: Toure Publicly Celebrates His Epic Fail

MSNBC Host: ‘I Thank God and Country…Abortion Was There to Save Me’ | Video |

Toure is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Roe V Wade by thanking God for abortion.  Apparently this drama queen  (word chosen purposely) FEEEEEELS that abortion saved his life, because he couldn’t handle supporting the child he fathered, with a girl who wasn’t “the ONE”.

He says his current family situation is so much stronger because he and his ex girlfriend killed his first child prior to birth.

Being able to kill your kids, early in development, makes for a “stronger America” opines Toure,  who is vying for poster boi of the ‘new castratii’

Sooo Classy: Obama Adm. Booted General Via Public Announcement of His Replacement

Report: Washington Didn’t Even Tell Marine Gen. He Was Being Replaced |

Marine Corps General James Mattis was appointed Commander of the U.S. Central Command in 2010.  Apparently his review and questioning of U.S. military  policy rankled the civilian officials sufficiently that he was summarily booted.

The method of dismissal?    General Mattis was indirectly notified subsequent to a public Pentagon announcement of his replacement.   An aide who saw the  announcement, passed the General a note while he was in a meeting.

Sooo classy.  This is how much regard the Commander in Chief has for those who serve him in the military.

Incidentally, Mattis is said to be  well regarded by his military colleagues, and respected for his independence of thought and professionalism.   Perhaps that DOES make him unsuitable for service in the Obama administration.

Call A Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance: Weld County, CO, Chooses not to Fund Emergency Birth Control

Weld County vote against emergency contraception leaves patients looking elsewhere | The Colorado Independent.

John Tomasic of the Colorado Independent, expresses his sadness (above)  that Weld  County is not providing the morning after pills to its family planning clinics.

The crux of the issue is that the social conservative politicians in Weld County don’t want to spend tax dollars on relatively ineffective birth control drugs, which can often operate through abortive mechanisms.

Tomasic and his ‘expert’  interviewee, Judith Schlay seemed disturbed that the politicians would have learned the multiple mechanisms of morning after pills via the internet.  Tomasic says – go to the New York Times for your medical info, as he does.  Old-timer Schlay says- go to the university library, etc.

Pharmer says that Pubmed is on the internet, and so is the information provided by the drug manufacturers to their regulatory boards.  Schlay needs to update herself on the myriad sources of medical information.  She might increase her depth of knowledge on the pharmacology of levonorgestrel and ulipristal acetate.

One thing we know for certain- It’s a giant, tax payer funded cash cow to be pounding expensive morning after pills into women, mostly during times when they couldn’t get pregnant even without the pill.  More abortions can be sold if women come to rely on these birth control methods which demonstrate  less than 60% reduction in pregnancy rate,  in actual use.   It’s not hard to find ‘reproductive health care experts’ who want to line their pockets with tax money.

Lawyer for Catholic Health Intitiatives Tosses out Church Directives in Lawsuit Defense.

In malpractice case, Catholic hospital argues fetuses aren’t people | The Colorado Independent.

This legal maneuver doesn’t  enhance the public image of Catholic Health Initiatives, and you can bet that Obama’s vultures are circling.  It appears from reports that Lori Stodghill lost her life at Thomas More Hospital in Canon City due to a pulmonary embolism which led to a massive heart attack.  Her two unborn babies also died, and  the current lawsuit argues that this need not have happened.  Dr. Pelham Staples, the  hospital’s obstetrician on call did not answer his pager, for reasons unspecified in the reports.

The surprise inside this case is the lawyer, proffering a defense that the babies are not legal persons, and therefore are not protected by Colorado malpractice statutes.  Lawyer Jason Langley argued that the court “should not overturn the long-standing rule in Colorado that the term ‘person,’ as is used in the Wrongful Death Act, encompasses only individuals born alive. Colorado state courts define ‘person’ under the Act to include only those born alive. Therefore Plaintiffs cannot maintain wrongful death claims based on two unborn fetuses.”

This kind of defense is not a good idea for Catholic Health Initiatives for a number of ethical reasons.   It could also cost their member institutions  more in philanthropic contributions than the cost of losing the Stodghill lawsuit.

It also undermines any Catholic objections to the HHS mandate.  Obama’s team must be laughing themselves silly to see such a bad maneuver by this significant group of  ideological opponents.

Is this battle worth losing the war?



Mary Elizabeth Adams: Standing UP for DE-volution

So what if abortion ends life? –

Salon writer, Mary Elizabeth Williams, tells us that she’s tired of pro-choicers looking stupid while defending abortion.  Most of the abortion defenders have developed some odd theories (even stranger than global warming) to explain why it’s OK to kill humans prior to birth, ‘ranging from it’s not alive‘ to’ it’s not a person‘.

Williams doesn’t want membership in the non-science crowd.  She freely admits that abortion involves killing a human.   She asserts that we make decisions about killing humans all the time, and therefore a human  fetus is also worth killing for various reasons.

The point that Williams is missing??  Peace and civilization begin at home.  If we won’t stand up for the lives of our very own people,  we certainly won’t grow outward to value and protect the lives of ‘strangers’.

For Williams,  life is just a commodity, and there might be good enough reasons to kill anyone.

Do you want this short fused woman to be living in the house next door?

Are you emotionally and spiritually  “prepped” for the DE-volution of civilization that the leftists are bringing to us?