Cecil the Lion is more important than 90,000 Black Americans per year

To the lefties, Cecil’s life matters more.

90,000 Black American babies are slaughtered by Planned Parenthood yearly, and the main stream media yawns.   Your friendly Pharmer thinks that this slaughter is exactly what the leftists want.

Today,  the same freekazoid media is lit up about the killing of Cecil, a lion in Zimbabwe who was collared 4 times and studied for years.   The individual who killed Cecil, apparently thought he was hunting legally, but is now being hounded by animal lovers to an extent not ever felt by Planned Parenthood, which sells body parts from selected babies killed at its abortion clinics. Sarah Palin’s meme is added below because it is accurate and applicable.  Nobody’s baby should be hacked up and parted out to Mengele-like “researchers”.

One of the reasons why American mainstream media has lost the attention of most citizens is because it has so totally lost a sense of proportion that it has ceased to be rational.

Planned Parenthood killed 90000 Black American Babies Last YearThe vaccine production and medical research conducted using parts from killed human beings will continue to be poorly effective and/or useless.   This is a result of the universal pattern, recognized in the West as the  Reap-What-You-Sow rule,  and in the East as Karma..

Wake Up America!!

Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts Video #3: Procurement

A former procurement technician is featured in this third installment of the Planned Parenthood expose by Center for Medical Progress.   She answered an employment ad on Craigs list, run by Stem Express (so classy) and said that almost no personal info was needed for her to get an interview with this employer.

Watch, if your stomach is strong.  Actual parts of a very young human fetus are featured, though not in huge detail.

The profit motive of planned parenthood becomes very clear in the discussion of how the parts procurement is handled.   About $300 bucks can be obtained from a fetus from which  4 usable parts are dissected.  Harvesting productivity is rewarded with extra cash.

Bowl of Hygeia Award Goes to Pro-Life Pharmacist

Louisiana Pharmacist’s Association nominated Lloyd DuPlantis for the Bowl of Hygeia award given out by the American Pharmacist’s Association for outstanding community service, and so he is appropriately recognized this 2015 year.

Lloyd DuPlantis
Lloyd DuPlantis

Yes, this longstanding pro-life pharmacist, author and philanthropist, does it all.  In addition to his pharmacy practice, family life, writing, and a number of local and international charitable outreaches, he’s an ordained Catholic Deacon.

Pharmer sez: if you met Lloyd, you would never forget him, and is glad that her eldest offspring also had that opportunity before he headed off into healthcare.

Would you like to add health IQ points ???   Read Lloyd’s Remedies and his book on The Pill: America’s Sacred Cow, (no offense to bovines).

Planned Parenthood whines about harassment from Pro-lifers


Your friendly Pharmer is highly amused that Planned Parenthood management is so upset by the investigative work of the Center for Medical Progress. Today’s second video, featuring the “less crunchy” Dr. Mary Gatter, has PP’s top brass in a tailspin. They’re crying foul, and are claiming that pro-lifers have been attacking them in an effort to shut down their killing business.

Let the public be reminded that Planned Parenthood has been harassing pharmacists for 15 years or more, in an attempt to force the pro-lifers to dispense abortifacient drugs, with their efforts leading to success in a number of states. In fact, Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Ohio intervened directly in the employment lawsuit between this pharmacist and K Mart way back in 2001, in order to delay  the inevitable outcome.

Planned Parenthood has been attacking pro-life  health care professionals and Crisis Pregnancy Centers for decades.  Is there any reason that people should feel sympathy for the nation’s top abortion conglomerate, which kills babies and sells their body parts?

The Woes at Stem Express after People Learn Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts.

Now that you know where the fetal and embryonic stem cells come from, that industry is hurting…

Life is rough at Stem Express now that people know who sells them the baby parts.
Life is rough at Stem Express now that people know who sells the baby parts for this kind of thing. Screen shot seen 7-17-15 AM

Their online catalog is showing a big 404 page not found message, today, but it’s possible to see a cache here, (Thanks to ‘Rhetoric Rocks’ commenting at Washington Times). If that stops working, then check their order form, and THIS, out.

Vid Exposes Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts

The Center for Medical Progress (whose site is crashed today)  has splashed the results of a 30 month long Human Capital Project which documented how Planned Parenthood disperses the body part industry among its affiliates, so they can take the fall when someone blows the lid off of this illegal operation.  The journalists painstakingly attended abortion conventions and gathered paperwork and video footage to produce a rare example of actual investigative journalism.   Hats off to these intrepid throwbacks to the day of real news gathering and reporting.  SEE Planned Unparenthood Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola chomping her salad while she discusses the manner of selectively crunching babies in utero so as to avoid damaging the parts of interest to customers.   SEE CEO, Cecile Richards acknowledging the baby parts industry and say how Amazing Dr. Nucatola is.  The Youtube vid is working as of now. Tweet your disgust…… Jill Stanek explains the pro-life twitter mission at the end of her blog article.  Everyone needs to know just how low Planned Unparenthood can go. Get the word OUT. #PPSellsBabyParts.

Center for Medical Progress Expose, 30 months in the making

Not Representing Black Americans

Obama could never have been considered a typical Black American, or even in touch with them.  Despite their steadfast support of the first “Black” president, they certainly have not benefited under his rule.  Income, home ownership, and employment have decreased more among American Blacks than other demographic group. Probably the only major thing he has done to them is supply government funded IUDs and abortions.  He did, however, make a show of pretending that he believed marriage is between a man and a woman while soliciting their votes.

Obama campaigned to Black Americans
Obama campaigned to Black Americans

Though the press has sold Obama’s acceptance of gay marriage as an “evolution”, Toledo Municipal Court Judge, C. Allen McConnell, underscores another chasm which exists between Obama and Black Americans.  The Judge has refused to personally officiate same sex marriages based upon his Christian beliefs.   In the past, Obama had played up to the fact that most Blacks regard homosexual activity as sinful, and this is not limited to U.S.A..  Kenya is among other African nations which are having none of Obama’s more recently outed agenda.

Newsweek outs Obama
Newsweek outs Obama

One wonders how many people still believe that Obama has undergone “evolution” on this matter, or whether he is like so many other politicians:

"Karma Chameleon"
“Karma Chameleon”



Free IUDs for School Kids in Washington State.

From Lifenews comes the announcement that Seattle school kids, from sixth grade up, can have an IUD or other form of long term birth control implanted without parental consent.  Featured in the articles is (culturally diverse)  Chief Sealth International High School, which began participating in this effort in 2010, but the program has since spread to other schools.
The chance of a life threatening adverse event from a IUD being caught in time is drastically reduced when  a child  is afraid to tell her parents that she has had one implanted by the government  “Take Charge” (of your kids) program. Naturally it has planned parenthood written all over it.
It seems that Washington state has perceived an unethical “need” to control its minority populations.  It has been doing so in an unethical way, by targeting free birth control in its minority urban neighborhoods.  This is the natural consequence of allowing big government to coalesce.
This state provided birth control plan further takes matters out of the hands of parents.