A Surprise Found in Discounted Boots Brand Tampons –

Utah Woman Discovered Cocaine Hidden Inside Tampons Purchased At Salt Lake City Store | The Smoking Gun.

A Utah shopper, Cindy Davidson  bought some discounted tampons at an NPS store in Utah.  Apparently they were a diverted lot of Boots branded tampons which had been altered by  a smuggling organization.

When she got home she discovered bags  filled with powder in the tampons,  and promptly called the police.    A field test revealed that the powder was cocaine.  The remaining product has since been removed from store shelves.

This could be a problem for less alert women who might inadvertently use similarly  altered and diverted tampons.  Vaginal delivery of cocaine is effective in producing the usual effects of the drug.  The onset of action  is delayed, and the duration of action is longer, but overdose is still quite possible. Deaths from such use have been reported.

From the Smoking Gun:

“After cops left with the narcotics and the tampons, Davidson sent her 300 friends a Facebook message “No one would ever believe what has happened 2 me 2nite. I bought a package of tampons filled with cocaine bags,” she wrote. “I have had hazmat and the police at my house all night. I will post details as they become available. Totally tripping out.”