Althouse: See Union Respect for the Environment

Althouse: How much respect did the demonstrators show for the State Capitol grounds?.

Check out the pics at the blog above, to decide if you want your tax dollars to support these union pigs, and if you want the same hypocritical  slobs preaching “greenie religion” to your kids in school.

Should you pay 11 thousand per kid per year for this ?

If  you wouldn’t want these animals in your house, why pay for them to teach your kids?

Apparently larger herds have descended to trash the capitol of Wisconsin Saturday, to wreak vengeance for not getting their way.

Ask yourself: why it was OK for Jimmy Carter to restrict collective bargaining for federal employees,  and Obama to stick with that status quo,  but at the same time call the actions of Republicans an assault on unions?

To understand how collective bargaining works…  the majority of people in a union will fight to retain their plush salaries and benefits, and it does not matter to them  if those on the lower echelons of the union ladder lose their jobs as a result.  This is the position of the protesters in Madison.

Seniority takes precedence over usefulness, merit or competency in union life.  Only 8 percent of the population are public union employees.  Should they be extorting from you through the kind of terrorism seen in Madison?

The only positive aspect about the  mobs gathering  in Madison, Wisconsin is that they allow us to see and record  public union employees as they really are.