Bozell Compares the Media Treatment of Sex Allegations against Clinton Vs Cain

Remember Clinton had rape accusations, which the media all but ignored entirely. Only Sam Donaldson asked Clinton directly about those, and rather than saying:
“Aaah did not rape that woman, Juanita Broaddrick a single time, not a single time…….”, Clinton referred the question to his attorney.

Brent Bozell reviews the media suppression of Clinton’s Bimbo eruptions and compares them to the current treatment of Herman Cain. There’s quite a difference.

This can be attributed to the fact that Cain is a conservative, or possibly that the lefties are offended at the thought of a Black man having even the opportunity of access to white women.

So far we are not seeing real evidence of Cain actually having sexual interaction with these women, but the media has declared Cain’s campaign to be dead. Many of Clinton’s accusers were able to produce corroboration and evidence to accompany their stories, yet he was elected twice.

Gloria Allred, the lawyer of Sharon Bialek, seems to have pretty much disappeared from the media eye after hearing from Cain’s lawyer. Could be Allred is good with media but not with actual law. Hmmmmm.