Call a Waaaaaaaaaaambulance: students requested to clean toilet after use.

Hartford Toilet Teacher Investigated | NBC Connecticut.

A Hartford, Connecticut teacher, Catherine Saur,  is “under investigation” for her rule of having her art students clean the toilet [seat] with a spray cleaning product called Fantastic and a paper towel, after they used the bathroom.

Says the PTO secretary, Nancy Moreaux, who agrees with the teacher: “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat,” She believed that Saur was only trying to teach her students an important lesson.

The Kennelly school has four custodians but, according to NBC news,  the principal admits that the condition of cleanliness in the bathrooms is not good.

This frightening issue 😉  came to light when one student apparently suffered contact dermatitis as a result of using the Fantastik product.  The mother of that student doesn’t want the teacher fired, just an apology to her kid.  This mother stated that the toilet seat cleaning is for the  custodians.  (Who is the custodian in her house?)

Your friendly pharmer is coming down on the side of the teacher, who has been showing  her students, some of whom might never learn otherwise, that cleaning the bathrooms well can prevent the spread of disease.

As for the student with the contact dermatitis?  Vinyl gloves exist.  Or the cleaning product could be switched, though any  product could cause contact dermatitis in a susceptible individual.  The school can address his problem without spending thousands of dollars and wasting hours self-flagellating.

What is most likely to happen?   Ms. Saur, who appears to have adapted to the environmental conditions at her school,  will be suspended or fired.   The students will be forbidden to clean up after themselves in any way.  The poor sanitary condition of the bathrooms will continue.    Methods for preventing the spread of MRSA and other disease causing organisms will be neglected.  Health care dollars will be wasted, and preventable absenteeism will continue.

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