Labor Laws Designed to Gut Farming Businesses

Federal rewrite of labor laws causing a flap down on the farm – Washington Times.

Already there are too many people who have NO IDEA where their food comes from.    This has resulted in insane regulations of the farming industry.   New work regulations coming from the Obama administration, which is apparently many generations removed from food production, will forbid kids under 16 from most kinds of farm labor.

This is another one of Obama’s direct attacks on the “filthy rich” SMALL BUSINESSES, which are the backbone of America, and the source of most of its jobs.

Small family  farms most often  rely on  the labor of the local  kids to function.  These business operations are most specifically IN THE CROSSHAIRS of Obama.   He and his supporters want those farms dead, and those families to starve.   (Pharmer is taking this opportunity to redirect  the political  rhetoric to its rightful owners.)

Justification for these regulations is that rural  kids are more likely to be injured or killed than their counterparts working in other jobs.   This is also true of adult farmers too.  Food production remains the most dangerous job occupation.  This  government has no real interest in assisting those who love the work enough to take the risk.

It’s worth a click to see some quotes from the Agricultural Sector regarding the idiotic regulations proposed by the Labor Department.

The Angel and the Devil


This mom has had 15 kids, and after receiving quite a bit of assistance from social services neighbors, landlords, etc is Angry. She says that someone has to PAY! Someone has to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE! Angel has some similarities with the Occupy Wall Street crowd.


Smell the sulfur and smoke! Newt thinks that kids would obtain a better work ethic and self respect by having a bit of cash paying work experience before they’re sixteen. Yep, he’s basically correct on this matter. Every rural family knows this.

Incidentally, the lefties are in the process of regulating child labor on family farms. They would like to crush all family businesses out of existence, leaving only a small number of large corporations, with cowardly boards of directors, which can be more easily controlled by government.

Many Leftists also want what poor or starving children could be forced to sell if they are not permitted to do honest labor for pay.

A Hedge Fund Operater of Conscience

Ann Barnhardt Shuts Down Hedge Firm With ‘Going Galt’ Letter |

Ann Barnhardt,  has shut down her brokerage which specialized in the cattle and grain futures and options.   This move seems to have been  propelled by the handling of  the MF Global  firm run by Jon Corzine, which shuttered and ripped off the cash of its customers.  The accounts were frozen and the owners were not allowed to liquidate while the rest of the markets continued trading.   Barnhardt says that this  differed from the usual response of the market which had been  to allow customers’  assets to remain liquid when a firm broke down, while its function could be replaced by another firm.   The reason for the difference appears to be the connectedness  of  Jon Corzine to the Obama administration.   It has cost his customers the money they invested, plus it could eventually put assets which they had recently removed from MF Global at risk too.

Over a thousand people are laid off at MF Global, and their clients money has disappeared.

Barnhardt’s evaluation is that the basis for the system of leveraged futures trading has been ripped away, and she can  no longer in good conscience advise anyone to invest their money in what is now an entirely unsupported  system.  She recommends that other hedge fund investors get out of the  newly unprotected market which is also threatened by the financial instability of Europe.

You can read the entire  farewell letter written by Ann Barnhardt at her politically incorrect blog, which she says will continue to remain in operation.  There are no kind words for the Obama administration, which she blames for the bulk of the MF Global disaster.  Also available for your viewing interest is the AnnBarnhardt youtube channel.

Bob McCarty: Another Farm Raid Hits Rabbit Expert Debe Bell

Denver Media Outlets Fail to Cover Multitude of Juicy Stories Behind Recent Rabbit Farm Raid – Big Journalism.

After a warrant-less entry and search, cops removed the rabbits from Debi Bell’s farm and placed them in inappropriate  conditions of storage at the Jefferson County fairgrounds. (The search warrant was produced after the search, and decision to remove the rabbits was made.)  Some of the rabbits belonged to 4-H kids who were raising them to be shown at the fairs.

This bust by the Jefferson County Sheriff in Colorado has caused farmers to be afraid to show small animals at the Colorado State Fair.

They’re afraid that their farms will be busted too, just like that of  Debi Bell.  This is even after the  State fair officials have  extended the deadline of entry and agreed not to display the names of rabbit owners in order to protect them from the nuts who have caused the arrest of Debi Bell.

Bloggers, please hit the links above and pass this story on.  Apparently the local press in Colorado needs to be goaded into covering the facts of this story.

You might  feel moved to contact the Jefferson County, Colorado Sheriff’s office to inquire about the case.  Here’s the Animal Control Office Contact info.

The House Rabbit Society is apparently associated with this raid and may need your attention also.  Here’s the Colorado chapter link. Maybe they need advice on how to tend to animals which their volunteers  help to remove from farms.

Foothills Animal Shelter is adopting out (SELLING) Debe’s bunnies on Weds Aug 17.

You can contact them too !

Horrors! ABC Finds Kids Picking Berries – (Instead of Sex Work in Portland).

Feds Find Young Children Working Strawberry Farms – ABC News.

The above link points to an agonizing story at ABC about kids being brought with their parents to work in berry farms in Washington State.

Specifically the ABC reporters  cheer on the Feds who bust farmers whose workers are bringing their kids with them to work.

Unmentioned is where the kids ought to be while both parents are picking berries in the summer.  Perhaps these lefties are volunteering their own services to babysit?

There is journalistic hand wringing over the fact  that farms are the most dangerous work situation, and proclamations  that kids should not be exposed to such an environment.

Of course farms are dangerous.  This is NOT news.  A sarcastic person might mention  that farms  are a system of natural selection for humans which operates more effectively, with far  fewer deaths  than the abortion programs offered by the leftists.

Pharmer understands that the pretense of concern for children is for the purpose of obtaining more government control and allow consolidation of the small farms into something more easily overseen by our “rulers”.

If  the reader has time to view the ABC video included in their story, a group of steady working kids will be seen, all of whom appear much more robust than the girl which the CWA Union worker stationed in front of a Verizon truck. (Natural selection, or just outdoor living?)

Complaints about lost schooling would have been  moot up until the time of balanced calendars which hold kids inside all summer and prevent them from working on farms, or being freed to the outdoors for two and a half months of playtime, or holding some other employment.

One of the ABC reporters seemed shocked that kids get bruises on their knees– a thing which happens whether they’re working or playing.  Pharmer suspects that few of these reporters and investigators  have reproduced.  This could be a good thing….

What about the last half of he headline?   Earlier berry farm busts have been in Michigan, but the latest bust reported by ABC is in Washington State.

Note for comparison…  the number of investigators combing the fields looking for kids working alongside their parents… and contrary to the reporters claims, essentially working FOR their subcontracting parents.

The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor, which  is overseeing investigations of  berry picking supposedly  had planned  to pick up  250 new field inspectors after ABCs news investigation.   The 2011 budget allocation was for  1672 employees in the WHD alone.  It has a special division office in Portland Oregon.

As you know, Pharmer likes to pick on Portland, Oregon, the U.S. capital of child sex slavery, because it  has only TWO vice cops allocated to address that and the other socially unacceptable practices.

Pharmer doesn’t mind  seeing   kids picking berries in a Washington field with their parents in the summer.  The hard work might give them incentive to study harder during the rest of the year, to obtain  the chance at  better jobs.  There is no caste system here. Picking berries is much healthier for a kid than working in Portland.

Some people do not  live under ideal economic circumstances, and are inclined to co-opt all members of the family to help with the job of survival.   Pharmer supports the opportunities  for kids to be working with their own families, rather than being sold into a life of slavery.

Perhaps that offends some leftists…… or would it  narrow their access to a desired commodity ??

A CDL License to Operate a Tractor on Your OWN FARM?

Agenda 21 Update – DOT’s regulatory attack on family farms | Video |

Looks as though  the Dept of Transportation is vying with the TSA and EPA with most hated agency award.

There’s an idea to require farmers to earn a Commercial Driver’s License in order to drive their own tractors on their own farms.  This is likely driven by a socialist  agenda to eliminate the small businesses, leaving a smaller group of large agribusinesses, which can more easily be moved under direct government control.

This information should be promulgated to any farmer in your circle of friends.

Pharmer suspects that such a regulation will be met with an extreme  lack of desire to cooperate.


Oak Park Resident May Face Jail For Planting Vegetables

in her front yard.

Click to check out this cool garden: Does Michelle Obama Know About This? | The Agitator.

The Bass family of Oak Park, Michigan  decided to plant vegetables in their front yard after a sewer line was replaced.  Since the grass was torn up, and the yard trashed, they determined  to do something useful and put in beautiful raised beds of vegetables.

City planner Kevin Rulkowski has deemed this unsuitable use of private property, and has proffered a new definition of that word, to justify prosecution of one Julie Bass, for the offense of planting vegetables in her own  front yard.

Ms. Bass has demanded a jury trial and may face up to 93 days in jail if convicted of illicit vegetable planting.

Take one more look under the top link to see that vegetable  garden.

For your convenience, the contact information for the city officials (including Mr Rulkowski) of Oak Park  is clickable right HERE.   They might appreciate  suggestions of more useful things to do besides bothering the Bass family.

Visit Julie Bass’s blog:  Oakparkhatesveggies to keep up to date.  The big showdown is planned for  July 26th.

Dangerous Arugula!

“alfalfa sprouts, mung bean sprouts, radish sprouts and arugula sprouts from the farm might be connected to the outbreak. Raw sprouts are popular among Germans and often mixed in salads or added to sandwiches.”

via Germany says beansprouts may be behind E.coli – Yahoo! News.

Germany is still shooting down raw vegetables, shot gun style, looking for the virulent strain of E. Coli, ravaging the GI tracts of its citizens.

By the time they’re government ag and  health officials are done, Germans will be cooking whatever few vegetables they eat for a day before consuming them…… leaving no nutritional benefits but the fiber.

The Uelzen Farm in Germany is one more industry to be shut down as a result of the “search” for the source of the E. Coli.

One thing is certain…… will not be easy for the Germans to follow the Michelle Obama diet for awhile.