Leftist Michelle Would Never Be Able to Feed Herself

Michelle Obama made a big show of planting a garden at the White House, in order to show us all how to eat healthy food.  She dabbled a bit in the dirt at the outset, and of course left it up to paid groundskeepers to maintain.

During the government shutdown, Michelle’s harvest is rotting.  Normal Americans who run out of funds, or become jobless would spend more time on personal food production, maintain their garden and rely on its output.  But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the White house garden is in decline.  Instead of allowing the furloughed gardeners and volunteers to keep up and harvest the garden,  they are banned, and the food is going to waste. 

Meanwhile, out in Indiana,  Pharmer, who is taking her own garden through the fall, is still pulling turnips, beans, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce,  took the last of the okra, cleared the corn and squash areas, and will keep the collards, herbs, carrots, bok choy, and peas going, as long as weather allows. Got some pickled okra, peppers and cucumbers this year–Sooooo domestic.

Expect leftist followers to be like their leaders, unable to sustain a food supply and survive through a financial decline. Count on them to become very angry about this, and take it out on you.

Agriculture Bill goes down in Flames

The conservatives who think the Farm subsidy bill gave away too much money to the wrong people, and the dems who think the bill did not give away enough welfare dollars joined forces to defeat the legislation. 

Call a Waaaaaambulance for the ag lobbyists.  They are freaking out.


The Farm bill contained about $740 billion in food stamps and $200 billion in subsidies which are often welfare for the rich.

Pharmer is of the opinion that food stamp spending should be in a food stamp bill, and farm subsidies should be in a farm subsidy bill.  We the people, and our legislators should know exactly how the government intends to misappropriate our money.  Therefore, the mood on this Pharm about Farm bill defeat in the house is overall, ‘happy happy happy’.

Shortage of Aggies, and Farmland Prices are Rising

As the average age of farmers begins to approach the average age of abortionists,  one wonders what is the problem???  Is working the land as unattractive as killing babies?

Farming is a much more hazardous profession to the worker, and perhaps this, as well as the uncertainty of outcome, worries people who are attuned to receiving a weekly paycheck.

The value of farmland is rising, and this has certain tax implications for the owners.  With the new death tax, it means that they have to be very smart in planning matters of incorporation and  inheritance  if they want their businesses to continue.

One thing is for certain………. there is a shortage of aggies, and those who are up to the challenge will not be among the jobless in the coming years.

Obama’s Labor Department to Kill America’s Agricultural Engine

Child Labor Laws | Farming | Department of Labor | The Daily Caller.

The Department of Labor is finishing up on a rule to designed to destroy small family farms, by prohibiting rural kids from doing farm chores.

Work done by minors running farm equipment or on 4 H projects away from their own home, are only two examples of what will be prohibited. Small farms will no longer be able to operate without the assistance from their own kids and those living nearby.

These rules are no accident. They are designed with the destruction of America’s agricultural engine in mind. Farming is hard work. Kids are inculcated with the necessary work ethic by participating in the labor at a young age. Those who have not been raised in this manner cannot imagine doing the work required to run a farm. It is rare for a person who has not been brought up in the rural lifestyle to choose and succeed in this kind of career in adulthood.

The average age of U.S. farmers exceeds 50
In two generations, the department of labor can kill agriculture in the U.S.

FDA is Too Busy Going After Small Farmers to Effectively Deal With Drug Shortages.


That Dangerous Daniel Allgyer guy, Amish, capitalist seller of unpasteurized milk must be STOPPED, and his farm shut down!
That kind of regulatory activity is top priority.

Meanwhile, there are shortages of vital medications like never before.
Afflicted health care institutions must promulgate politically correct excuses for these shortages, but we know that the role of government in exacerbating this situation has been predominant.

The U.S. has some of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. Big Pharma has many incentives, from this, to the OSHA and environmental regulations, to push its production to other countries.
Inside the U.S., if a company wishes to change the site for manufacturing a product, a two year approval process awaits. This means that adapting to drug recalls and shortages is painfully slow. There are tight constraints on production quantities and schedules imposed by the FDA.
A gray market has grown around the shortages. If you know how ticket scalping works……. there are analogous drug scalpers. Since reimbursement for drugs is fixed by medicare and medicaid and other health insurers, health care institutions and providers really can’t afford the gray market prices. There is a need to allocate a team of specialists to manage adaptation to the shortages and a website for clinicians to keep current on the day to day changes and substitutions. The administrators at Pharmer’s workplace have resolved to continue to deal with the shortages without resorting to purchases from the gray market.
Who are the biggest losers? The patients!

The long term result will be to reduce the load on medicare and medicaid, and the government needs that cost containment, especially since the designers of Obamacare have admitted that their cost projections were totally wrong.

So the FDA has more incentive to attend to those dastardly small farmers, than they have to deal with the GINORMOUS drug shortage problem.

Meth-Heads Filling Hospitals With Burn Patients

My Way News – AP IMPACT: Meth fills hospitals with burn patients.

Only about 10 percent of meth heads have health insurance, so when they cook themselves while trying to cook their methamphetamine, the burden of care falls upon the hospital. The average cost of care for a meth burn patient is said to be $130,000 dollars. The financial burden of non-recovered hospital expenses has closed down at least 7 burn wards in the U.S.due to insolvency.

The most common means for self immolation among meth heads is the shake and bake method. Opening the 2 liter reaction vessel too soon or having an unplanned leakage can cause an explosion. About 70 injuries related to meth cooking have been reported in Indiana in the last two years, but who knows the real number? The burn victims aren’t too eager to tell the truth about how they were burned.
David Greenhalgh of the University of California, Davis, Burn Center says that 25-35% of the patients there test positive for meth.

Human Feces Used as Fertilizer Has Neighbors Fuming | NBC 10 Philadelphia

Human Feces Used as Fertilizer Has Neighbors Fuming | NBC 10 Philadelphia.

Pharmer thinks that these people have never heard of septic tanks and leaching beds, and is highly amused.

The “controversy” linked above has to do with Pennsylvania  farms using granulite, which is fertilizer made from sewage.  It contains processed human waste.  Shame to waste!

Wiki leach beds!   Be afraid, be very afraid.

The Grass is Always Greener Over The Septic Tank.  < — a classic