Obama’s Labor Department to Kill America’s Agricultural Engine

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The Department of Labor is finishing up on a rule to designed to destroy small family farms, by prohibiting rural kids from doing farm chores.

Work done by minors running farm equipment or on 4 H projects away from their own home, are only two examples of what will be prohibited. Small farms will no longer be able to operate without the assistance from their own kids and those living nearby.

These rules are no accident. They are designed with the destruction of America’s agricultural engine in mind. Farming is hard work. Kids are inculcated with the necessary work ethic by participating in the labor at a young age. Those who have not been raised in this manner cannot imagine doing the work required to run a farm. It is rare for a person who has not been brought up in the rural lifestyle to choose and succeed in this kind of career in adulthood.

The average age of U.S. farmers exceeds 50
In two generations, the department of labor can kill agriculture in the U.S.

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  1. Usually the American people have seen the labor department has done a lot of work, which will harmful for culture of the American society. Labor department has promoted well and they are doing try to finish the American culture.

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