Obama’s Labor Department to Kill America’s Agricultural Engine

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The Department of Labor is finishing up on a rule to designed to destroy small family farms, by prohibiting rural kids from doing farm chores.

Work done by minors running farm equipment or on 4 H projects away from their own home, are only two examples of what will be prohibited. Small farms will no longer be able to operate without the assistance from their own kids and those living nearby.

These rules are no accident. They are designed with the destruction of America’s agricultural engine in mind. Farming is hard work. Kids are inculcated with the necessary work ethic by participating in the labor at a young age. Those who have not been raised in this manner cannot imagine doing the work required to run a farm. It is rare for a person who has not been brought up in the rural lifestyle to choose and succeed in this kind of career in adulthood.

The average age of U.S. farmers exceeds 50
In two generations, the department of labor can kill agriculture in the U.S.

Horrors! ABC Finds Kids Picking Berries – (Instead of Sex Work in Portland).

Feds Find Young Children Working Strawberry Farms – ABC News.

The above link points to an agonizing story at ABC about kids being brought with their parents to work in berry farms in Washington State.

Specifically the ABC reporters  cheer on the Feds who bust farmers whose workers are bringing their kids with them to work.

Unmentioned is where the kids ought to be while both parents are picking berries in the summer.  Perhaps these lefties are volunteering their own services to babysit?

There is journalistic hand wringing over the fact  that farms are the most dangerous work situation, and proclamations  that kids should not be exposed to such an environment.

Of course farms are dangerous.  This is NOT news.  A sarcastic person might mention  that farms  are a system of natural selection for humans which operates more effectively, with far  fewer deaths  than the abortion programs offered by the leftists.

Pharmer understands that the pretense of concern for children is for the purpose of obtaining more government control and allow consolidation of the small farms into something more easily overseen by our “rulers”.

If  the reader has time to view the ABC video included in their story, a group of steady working kids will be seen, all of whom appear much more robust than the girl which the CWA Union worker stationed in front of a Verizon truck. (Natural selection, or just outdoor living?)

Complaints about lost schooling would have been  moot up until the time of balanced calendars which hold kids inside all summer and prevent them from working on farms, or being freed to the outdoors for two and a half months of playtime, or holding some other employment.

One of the ABC reporters seemed shocked that kids get bruises on their knees– a thing which happens whether they’re working or playing.  Pharmer suspects that few of these reporters and investigators  have reproduced.  This could be a good thing….

What about the last half of he headline?   Earlier berry farm busts have been in Michigan, but the latest bust reported by ABC is in Washington State.

Note for comparison…  the number of investigators combing the fields looking for kids working alongside their parents… and contrary to the reporters claims, essentially working FOR their subcontracting parents.

The Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor, which  is overseeing investigations of  berry picking supposedly  had planned  to pick up  250 new field inspectors after ABCs news investigation.   The 2011 budget allocation was for  1672 employees in the WHD alone.  It has a special division office in Portland Oregon.

As you know, Pharmer likes to pick on Portland, Oregon, the U.S. capital of child sex slavery, because it  has only TWO vice cops allocated to address that and the other socially unacceptable practices.

Pharmer doesn’t mind  seeing   kids picking berries in a Washington field with their parents in the summer.  The hard work might give them incentive to study harder during the rest of the year, to obtain  the chance at  better jobs.  There is no caste system here. Picking berries is much healthier for a kid than working in Portland.

Some people do not  live under ideal economic circumstances, and are inclined to co-opt all members of the family to help with the job of survival.   Pharmer supports the opportunities  for kids to be working with their own families, rather than being sold into a life of slavery.

Perhaps that offends some leftists…… or would it  narrow their access to a desired commodity ??