Keep Food Legal

Another good resource for Pharm readers is the KEEP FOOD LEGAL website. This is an information resource to promote food freedom, and to keep big government out of the personal decisions people make about what they eat.

A permanent link to this resource will stay on the sidebar.

May 1st is Blog about Pigford Day is asking everyone to blog about the Pigford fraudulent waste of tax payer dollars to buy voters for the democrats today, May 1st.   It’s a good way to allow the world to know one of the more dishonest mechanisms by which the U.S. got itself so deeply into debt.

Your friendly Pharmer already Blogged about Pigford on April 26th, and will leave further details up to the experts.  You can check that article out  HERE, and please pass it on.

It’s fun to push things, that the media has been keeping under wraps, out to be viewed by the public.

Obama’s Labor Department to Kill America’s Agricultural Engine

Child Labor Laws | Farming | Department of Labor | The Daily Caller.

The Department of Labor is finishing up on a rule to designed to destroy small family farms, by prohibiting rural kids from doing farm chores.

Work done by minors running farm equipment or on 4 H projects away from their own home, are only two examples of what will be prohibited. Small farms will no longer be able to operate without the assistance from their own kids and those living nearby.

These rules are no accident. They are designed with the destruction of America’s agricultural engine in mind. Farming is hard work. Kids are inculcated with the necessary work ethic by participating in the labor at a young age. Those who have not been raised in this manner cannot imagine doing the work required to run a farm. It is rare for a person who has not been brought up in the rural lifestyle to choose and succeed in this kind of career in adulthood.

The average age of U.S. farmers exceeds 50
In two generations, the department of labor can kill agriculture in the U.S.

Rural Hazards: Airborne Deer.

Elderly driver, 70, killed in car crash after severed deer head flies through her windscreen | Mail Online.

A drive down highway 830 near Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania resulted in tragedy for one 70 year old lady.

Bambi got hit by one car  and flew through the air, hitting car number two, which sliced it up.  Pieces of that deer  broke through the windshield of car number two, which then rocketed off the roadway, out of control.  That driver, Rosemary Bower, is no longer with us.  The driver and passenger of car  number one have survived and are not cited.

Pennyslvania, Illinois, Michigan, and Pharmer’s home state are near the top of the heap for whitetail dear road hazards.

Eat more venison!!

American Rednecks Unite

American Redneck Society formed to advocate for rural Americans | Washington Examiner.

Bob Clayton has decided to form an organization to address the needs of rural dwelling Americans.  This appears to be a fun loving group  which offers shopper discounts and a scholarship fund for rural kids education.

For now Bob’s  website is straining for bandwidth, due to having been mentioned on the Drudge report today.

This pharmacist feels a tug to join the American Redneck Society.   It might be fun.  Wait awhile for the crowds to thin and check it out.