Leftist Michelle Would Never Be Able to Feed Herself

Michelle Obama made a big show of planting a garden at the White House, in order to show us all how to eat healthy food.  She dabbled a bit in the dirt at the outset, and of course left it up to paid groundskeepers to maintain.

During the government shutdown, Michelle’s harvest is rotting.  Normal Americans who run out of funds, or become jobless would spend more time on personal food production, maintain their garden and rely on its output.  But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the White house garden is in decline.  Instead of allowing the furloughed gardeners and volunteers to keep up and harvest the garden,  they are banned, and the food is going to waste. 

Meanwhile, out in Indiana,  Pharmer, who is taking her own garden through the fall, is still pulling turnips, beans, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce,  took the last of the okra, cleared the corn and squash areas, and will keep the collards, herbs, carrots, bok choy, and peas going, as long as weather allows. Got some pickled okra, peppers and cucumbers this year–Sooooo domestic.

Expect leftist followers to be like their leaders, unable to sustain a food supply and survive through a financial decline. Count on them to become very angry about this, and take it out on you.