What Happens when EBT (Welfare) cards show no limits?

It’s like having the debt ceiling removed.  When a glitch caused the limit on EBT cards not to show, Walmart execs made the decision to allow card users to buy food anyway.  This announcement at stores in Mansfield and Springhill, Louisiana, caused a huge free for all which cleared shelves at the store.  Police had to be called in to manage the situation.  People left with far more food than the limits on their card would have allowed.

When the stores announced that limits again were showing, remaining people departed the store, leaving cards full of food in the aisles.  Walmart corporate  said that they would not press charges against one woman, who rang up $700 worth of food on her card that had $0.49 remaining on it, if she left the food behind.

Walmart spokesperson, Kayla Whaling would say only that Walmart made the decision to continue to accept EBT, WIC and SNAP during the outage, so people could get food for their families.  She said that transactions were monitored during the outage.

What can we take from the story?    Society is declining rapidly as people have come to feel that they can imitate their federal government and president.