Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate In Effect for Businesses | TheBlaze.com

Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate Goes Into Effect | TheBlaze.com.

As of August 1, businesses are now forced to cover birth control, abortion and sterilizations for free, according to the Obama Health and Human Services Mandate.

Those business owners who oppose any of the above have been stripped of their First Amendment Right of religious freedom.

One exception has been made for the Catholic owned business,  Hercules Industries which sued in Colorado  for exemption from the mandate, while its lawsuit is being considered.

Two other lawsuits have been dismissed, on technical issues rather than on the merits of the cases.

Boston Catholic Insider: Romney Lied About Catholic Hospitals Voluntarily Giving out Plan B

Boston Catholic Insider.

Linked above is an extensive article and information from the Boston Catholic Insider on the process by which the Catholic Hospitals of Massachusetts were coerced to give out the morning after pill to rape victims.
It includes a detailed chronology of events, and is worth your time to read.
Romney appears capable of a similar kind of bait and switch that Obama has done to the Catholic Bishops with his birth control/ abortion / sterilization mandate.

Here’s an 12/2005 article from the Pilot Catholic News about Romney’s announcement that his morning after pill mandate applied to Catholic hospitals. Romney had previously stated that religious hospitals would be exempted by a 1975 law that provided protection for conscientious refusal to distribute birth control or participate in abortion. He later decided that there was no such shield, and demanded that the Catholic hospitals comply with the birth control mandate.

Reid will allow vote on repeal of administration’s birth control mandate – The Hill’s Healthwatch

Reid will allow vote on repeal of administration's birth control mandate – The Hill's Healthwatch.

Senator Harry Reid has changed his mind, and decided to allow Sen. Roy Blunt’s Bill to repeal Obama’s birth control/abortive drugs/sterilization mandate to pass to the full Senate for a vote.
This new decision comes after Obamanator’s unilateral “compromise” to shift the administration of the mandate to insurance companies. This includes all the religious entities which are self insured. The compromise still steps on freedom of religion, still has religious organizations paying for things they consider sinful, and still forces people to sell and to buy things which they don’t want.

Here are two possible motivations: One is that Reid’s constituency includes a lot of self insured religious organizations, and they climbed down his throat.
Another is that Obama needs to bail on this very unconstitutional mandate, and Reid has been ordered to allow Congress to rescind it.

You might want to inform your Senators and Congressmen that you expect them to kill the abortive mandate of Obama/Sebelius. It is likely that most of the Dems realize that all their religious voter support will evaporate if they don’t vote for Sen. Blunt’s legislation.

Health plans ordered to cover birth control without co-pays – The Hill’s Healthwatch

Obama care mandates include forcing the coverage of birth control without a copay.  This will include religiously affiliated employers, which will have to comply within a year, or drop their health care plans altogether.  This seems to have gotten the attention of the US. Conference of Catholic Bishops,  which had previously supported obamacare against the better judgment of the pro-lifers.   Of course  they “had to pass the bill before they could know what’s in it,” as Nancy Pelosi has told us.

This means by summer of 2013,  you might be looking for new health care coverage if  you are employed at a religiously run hospital or health care provider.   What is more likely is that these entities will begin coverage of birth control….. same as in Canada and other socialized medicine countries.

This Obamacare mandate reveals the  high interest of leftists in sex with kiddies, the main set of people who couldn’t afford those generic BC pills.

This also feeds into the abortion industry, as the kiddies are highly non-compliant with their birth control.

Half of unplanned pregnancies are in people who were on some kind of BC.

Dependence on birth control feeds the abortion industry, says the data from long term birth control researchers such as Anna Glasier.    None of the birth control modalities are nearly as reliable in real world situations as  the theoretical claims put forth by the industry.

Obama is taking care of his own.

Silver lining??? It preferentially reduces the reproduction rate of lefties.

Even so, this pro-lifer is not participating.

via Health plans ordered to cover birth control without co-pays – The Hill’s Healthwatch.

Economic research  study of U.S. teen sex and birth control use from 2000.

Easy to read:  some reasons that the pills fail so often in the real world.

American Life League Unhappy with Sr. Carol Keehan

……..with good reason.  Sister Carol heads up the Catholic Health Care Association (CHA), and she got a really cool pen from Obama for supporting his abortifacient health care plan.

ALL has been digging hard, and found the family tree that ties CHA with the owners of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, which is no longer Catholic, for doing an abortion and getting tangled with public funded “family planning” activities.

Check it out.

Reminding Sr. Carol Keehan, that pregnancy with pulmonary hypertension is no longer incompatible with life due to the work of one Dr. Dianne Zwicke.

Hey, Sr. Carol Keehan gets an Obama Pen!!

Photo: “… but for a pen.” « CatholicVoteAction.org

One of the twenty pens Obama used to sign his health-kill plan apparently goes to Sr. Carol Keehan of the Catholic Heath Association for her hard work in getting his bill passed, with the abortion funding intact.

What a souvenir!!!

A list of others who get the pens is at National Review Online.

A bit of information on Sr. Carol Keehan’s organization, her salary, and some comparisons to the leaders of other non profits can be found at Catholic key blog

Hey Sisters Take a Look!

This one comes from Life News!

Congressman Bart Stupak also responded to the letter and refuted it.

“When I’m drafting right to life language, I don’t call up the nuns,” he said, adding that he relies on truly pro-life groups like “leading bishops, Focus on the Family, and The National Right to Life Committee.

Did you catch that??

This is where those  59 ‘nuns gone wild’ have gotten you, with their errant behavior and support of Obamacare and the abortion mandates, which will eventually come with it.

Rep Stupak himself is playing a bit of a shell game with the illusion that merely removing abortion funding will remove the threat of abortion coercion, which has always accompanied other socialized medicine programs. But even he feels comfortable dissing the nuns on the issue of pro-life government legislation.

In the same Lifenews  report is refutation of the AP claim  which Pharmer previously discounted, that 59,000 nuns were represented by the 59 leaders.

The Bishops have felt the pressure from the Vatican, and from more adherent Catholic lay people regarding Obama care and are now running newspaper ads against Obamacare.

Pharmer will repeat until blue in the face…… Planned Parenthood Federation personnel  are near the point of  simultaneous climax, thinking about all the new abortion business which will be brought by government health care.   You have heard  NO objections from NARAL, planned unparenthood and the feminazis, concerning Obamacare, the Senate Edition.   This is because it guarantees extensive support for abortion, and their industry looks forward to massive growth, which the Guttmacher Institute estimates as a  30 percent increase in abortions.

Sisters,  it is time for you to put  these nutty nuns, who have signed on to the looming Obamanation, out to pasture.    Ethically  intemperate religious orders will continue to shrink in size, if this leadership problem is not addressed.

Addendum……..  a  statement on health care, ignored by the mainstream media, from the Council of  Majors Superior of Women Religious, who represent about 10,000 sisters, and who still have applicants wanting to join their orders.

Could the Bishops’ Statement Influence Sr. Carol Keehan?

Pharmer could make no such positive assumption.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Catholic bishops send message to faithful: We oppose ObamaCare.

However the Bishops appear to clarify a position against Obamacare, due to the unsavory, death dealing inclusions.

This  too little, too late missive, is in response to Pelosi’s claims that the Bishops supported the wretched health care plan.

Pharmer is not expecting the current pastor to read this statement at Mass, but would convey the pleasant surprise if it happens.

Sr. Carol Keehan of CHA – Permanently Lost in the Weeds

Update on her mental status:

My Way News – Catholic hospitals support health care bill.

Pharmer ran out of  charitable excuses for this woman.

She still wishes to  turn  over control of religious run health care to a corrupt government, which has revealed its intention to deny care and cause the deaths of the very young, the disabled, and the elderly.

Whether or not abortion is purchased by obamacare, or becomes an unfunded mandate,  the result is the same.

There is no ethical justification for this behavior.