Health plans ordered to cover birth control without co-pays – The Hill’s Healthwatch

Obama care mandates include forcing the coverage of birth control without a copay.  This will include religiously affiliated employers, which will have to comply within a year, or drop their health care plans altogether.  This seems to have gotten the attention of the US. Conference of Catholic Bishops,  which had previously supported obamacare against the better judgment of the pro-lifers.   Of course  they “had to pass the bill before they could know what’s in it,” as Nancy Pelosi has told us.

This means by summer of 2013,  you might be looking for new health care coverage if  you are employed at a religiously run hospital or health care provider.   What is more likely is that these entities will begin coverage of birth control….. same as in Canada and other socialized medicine countries.

This Obamacare mandate reveals the  high interest of leftists in sex with kiddies, the main set of people who couldn’t afford those generic BC pills.

This also feeds into the abortion industry, as the kiddies are highly non-compliant with their birth control.

Half of unplanned pregnancies are in people who were on some kind of BC.

Dependence on birth control feeds the abortion industry, says the data from long term birth control researchers such as Anna Glasier.    None of the birth control modalities are nearly as reliable in real world situations as  the theoretical claims put forth by the industry.

Obama is taking care of his own.

Silver lining??? It preferentially reduces the reproduction rate of lefties.

Even so, this pro-lifer is not participating.

via Health plans ordered to cover birth control without co-pays – The Hill’s Healthwatch.

Economic research  study of U.S. teen sex and birth control use from 2000.

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