Government Funded Charities (that don’t need You)

A billion dollars of tax payer dollars go to the following group of voluntary agencies to help bring refugees to settle in the U.S..

Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, World Relief Corporation, Church World Service, Episcopal Migration Ministries, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, International Rescue Committee, US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, and the Ethiopian Community Development Council, receive money from the government for every immigrant they help to settle, and after a few months, are not required to keep track of them in any way.

These Charities, like Planned Parenthood, have mechanisms by which they can generate further revenue from handling the settlement of refugees, and this can incentivize them to drop other charitable outreaches in favor of processing immigrants.  Catholic Charities gets almost all of its immigrant resettlement budget from the U.S. government,  (69 out of 70 million) and half of it’s 3.8 billion total budget is federal tax payer dollars.  The Other Charities are similarly funded.   A treasure trove of further  information is available HERE. 

Once a charity becomes majority owned by the government, it has to answer to them, and not to the private donors, nor their religious affiliates.  So it’s time for any of  the private donors who disagree with the money making mechanisms of these charities to let them go.

GoFundMe Kowtows to Leftist Extremists of “Gaystapo”

While the Shona Banda legal fundraiser remains up (as of 4-28-15) at GoFundMe,  the fundraisers for Sweet Cakes and Barronelle Stutzman have been removed.

Shona Banda’s house was raided by cops, after her son made comments in favor of medical marijuana at his school in Kansas.  Ms. Banda had moved to the state from Colorado where she had legal access to legal weed, said to be for a health condition.  The raid produced some cannabis oil and 2 oz of the weed itself.  Her son has been removed from the home, and felony charges are expected.

GoFundMe has given the excuse that the Sweet Cake’s fundraiser was suspended because they have been formally charged with a heinous crime [of not baking a cake for a same sex wedding].  This does not wash since the fundraiser was to benefit the mom and kids who were not present at the time of refusal.  It is obvious:  GoFundMe will raise legal defense for people found with illegal marijuana in the home, but not for the benefit of the family supported by the Sweet Cakes business, which is charged with not  baking a cake for a same sex wedding.

Businesses will have to decide whether it is in their interest to kowtow to the extremists  of the “Gaystapo”, or continue having wider access to commerce with the general population. Fundraisers and donors are encouraged to use a different venue until GoFundMe regains realistic business priorities.

Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act has Leftists Freaking Out!

Most lefties wouldn’t understand the Religious Freedom Restoration Act signed into law by Governor Mike Pence of Indiana.  That doesn’t stop them from melting down over it.

Actually the law is quite limited, and provides an avenue of relief from governmental bullying of private individuals and businesses who live according to a religious moral code.

This act does not protect an employee from the demands of an employer, on the job.  It’s restricted to protecting individuals such as THIS woman from being harassed by rabid state attorney generals or similar government officials or entities.

For example, the law won’t protect a pro-life health professionals from reprisals by their employers, but it could possibly help them to fight persecution from their respective state regulatory boards.

Something More Important than Where You Put It

In the present day it seems that thinking about where to put it is more than a full time job.  For some it seems to occupy every waking hour, and has become the extreme of sexual fetishism.

Sing over Me is a new film about the life journey of Dennis Jernigan, who spent a number of years in the homosexual lifestyle.  In his mid twenties, Mr. Jernigan, a renowned Christian singer and lyricist, decided that something else was more important.  His decision, to have God tell him who he is, will likely crunch many  leftie undies into a wad.  The songwriter tells his story in the indie film released this week on Vimeo and to interested theaters.

With the likes of TeenWire  and a rabidly obsessed media beating sex-fetishism into the minds of kids, the constant refrain repeated by the brainwashed is that having sex is inevitable, and not a matter of choice.  For many it seems as automatic as breathing, eating and taking a dump.

Films such as Sing over Me and Desire of the Everlasting Hills tell stories of profound changes in people who came to the conclusion that something else is more important than sex.

One spoiler from the Desire film: who gets some credit for reeling in the wildest one of the bunch:

EWTN's very own Pirate Nun racks up a miracle
Mother Angelica

Media Coverup: The Inherent Racism of Leftists

One of several important reasons a person should avoid affiliation with leftists is the inherent racism, sexism, and bigotry which is the basis for their social policies and personal functioning.

Leftists consider non-whites to be livestock, and treat them as such.  The left desires to herd (to the cities), feed (food stamps EBT SNAP), house, provide health care (birth control and abortions), various ethic and racial groups, and keep them as voter stock.

The media serves as cover whenever the leftist racism bubbles to the surface in their words. Certainly they have been effective in training people to believe that the conservatives, who want everyone to be free to achieve self actualization, are the oppressors, while the paternalistic left, which pushes down or kills  anyone who wants to work hard and achieve, is seen as benevolent.  In fact, non-white conservatives, who respect the family, and oppose the herding of minorities, are said to be selling out their own people.

Here is your chance to see how the media covers  up  the racist gaffes of Harry Reid, Gary King, and Joe Biden. Desperate leftie  politicians, with possible dementia reducing their ability to filter speech, have been firing off offensive comments right and left, lately, and  has been cataloging the remarks and the lack of media response.  Click the links to see: it’s still pre-civil-rights-era in the brains of the lefties.

Living in lie-cloud of the lamestream media has left many minority groups completely confused about who is REALLY holding them down in present day America.

Are You Wearing Camo to Church?

Conservative organizations such as Clash Daily are encouraging supporters of Phil Robertson to wear camo to church in solidarity, on Sunday, Dec 22.   Why not do it repeatedly?

Solidarity with Phil
Solidarity with Phil

Getting the jump on the occasion,  Yours truly wore camo to the 4:00PM Saturday Mass, and will remain so highly fashionable this weekend while Christmas shopping in the city.  There’s an extra reason to support Phil Robertson, a matter of giving back.  The Evangelical and the Fundamentalist Christians were quick to offer solidarity and support when your friendly Pharmer was fired at almost the same time of year, 12/19, (exactly 2 years before Clinton was impeached)  for refusing to dispense an abortive drug.

ACLJ Defends Gilardis’ Produce Company, Beats Down HHS Mandate in Court

Rack up another one for the opponents of the HHS mandate, which forces various religious business-owners to fund birth control/sterilizaton/abortion, in conflict with their conscientiously held religious beliefs.  Lefties Obama and Sebelius have drooled over the prospect of reducing members of socially conservative religious denominations to dhimmitude.  For now, the U.S.  Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia  has dealt them one more blow, ruling in favor of Francis and Philip Gilardi, whose 400-employee companies, Freshway Foods and Freshway Logistics, distribute produce in Ohio and the eastern half of the United States.  The Gilardis are defended by the ACLJ, which is bringing 7 of the 40+ suits which have been filed against Obama’s HHS mandate.

Judge Janice Rogers Brown wrote “It is clear that the government has failed to demonstrate how such a right, whether described as noninterference, privacy or autonomy, can extend to the compelled subsidization of a woman’s procreative practices.”

American Center for Law and Justice senior counsel, Francis J. Manion expressed satisfaction that the appeals court concurred with most of his arguments, but sees it as a partial victory.  The current decision of the appeals court partially reverses the decision of a lower court which denied an injunction against the HHS mandate as it applied to the Gilardis and their companies.  Relief is now granted to the owners, but not to their companies.  Manion writes that he will file a petition for certiorare with the Supreme court to address the injunctive relief and religious freedom  which should be accorded  to the companies, as well as their founders and owners.

At this time, the lefties of the Obama administration are recognizing the religious rights of groups of people if they call themselves churches, but not if they use another name for themselves.  This is the current status of their stepwise removal of religious freedom and  imposition of statism, dhimmitude and slavery.   Similarly, Obamacare itself  represents  a step in the programmed regression  towards single payer, government controlled, socialized medicine.

Update:  Petition for Writ of Certiorare is filed. 

Cardinal Raymond Burke: Deny Communion to Pelosi

Cardinal Raymond Burke, as prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in the Vatican, says that the time has come for Nancy Pelosi to be denied communion.  She has been publicly flouting Catholic teaching, and ignoring all requests to cease and desist promoting and supporting such Obamanations as Abortion and same sex marriage.  Apparently Cardinal Burke, now ensconced in a lofty perch in Rome,  has had enough.

Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington DC, still loves him some Nancy P.,  and has said that he will not stop giving Communion to her.   One wonders if he answers at all to the authorities in the Vatican.

NewsMax, which exhibits a greater than usual interest in things Catholic, has more if you click HERE. 

Before you read the inanity from Archbishop Wuerl, that the Church does not use Communion as a weapon, consider this:  Excommunication is not revenge or punishment.  It is an urgent call from the Church to cease a severely sinful practice or lifestyle.  It is, metaphorically speaking, for the purpose of preventing humans  from being flushed down the cosmic toilet, into an eternal sewer…… far worse than the dredges of the Potomac.