Cardinal Raymond Burke: Deny Communion to Pelosi

Cardinal Raymond Burke, as prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in the Vatican, says that the time has come for Nancy Pelosi to be denied communion.  She has been publicly flouting Catholic teaching, and ignoring all requests to cease and desist promoting and supporting such Obamanations as Abortion and same sex marriage.  Apparently Cardinal Burke, now ensconced in a lofty perch in Rome,  has had enough.

Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington DC, still loves him some Nancy P.,  and has said that he will not stop giving Communion to her.   One wonders if he answers at all to the authorities in the Vatican.

NewsMax, which exhibits a greater than usual interest in things Catholic, has more if you click HERE. 

Before you read the inanity from Archbishop Wuerl, that the Church does not use Communion as a weapon, consider this:  Excommunication is not revenge or punishment.  It is an urgent call from the Church to cease a severely sinful practice or lifestyle.  It is, metaphorically speaking, for the purpose of preventing humans  from being flushed down the cosmic toilet, into an eternal sewer…… far worse than the dredges of the Potomac.

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