ACLJ Defends Gilardis’ Produce Company, Beats Down HHS Mandate in Court

Rack up another one for the opponents of the HHS mandate, which forces various religious business-owners to fund birth control/sterilizaton/abortion, in conflict with their conscientiously held religious beliefs.  Lefties Obama and Sebelius have drooled over the prospect of reducing members of socially conservative religious denominations to dhimmitude.  For now, the U.S.  Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia  has dealt them one more blow, ruling in favor of Francis and Philip Gilardi, whose 400-employee companies, Freshway Foods and Freshway Logistics, distribute produce in Ohio and the eastern half of the United States.  The Gilardis are defended by the ACLJ, which is bringing 7 of the 40+ suits which have been filed against Obama’s HHS mandate.

Judge Janice Rogers Brown wrote “It is clear that the government has failed to demonstrate how such a right, whether described as noninterference, privacy or autonomy, can extend to the compelled subsidization of a woman’s procreative practices.”

American Center for Law and Justice senior counsel, Francis J. Manion expressed satisfaction that the appeals court concurred with most of his arguments, but sees it as a partial victory.  The current decision of the appeals court partially reverses the decision of a lower court which denied an injunction against the HHS mandate as it applied to the Gilardis and their companies.  Relief is now granted to the owners, but not to their companies.  Manion writes that he will file a petition for certiorare with the Supreme court to address the injunctive relief and religious freedom  which should be accorded  to the companies, as well as their founders and owners.

At this time, the lefties of the Obama administration are recognizing the religious rights of groups of people if they call themselves churches, but not if they use another name for themselves.  This is the current status of their stepwise removal of religious freedom and  imposition of statism, dhimmitude and slavery.   Similarly, Obamacare itself  represents  a step in the programmed regression  towards single payer, government controlled, socialized medicine.

Update:  Petition for Writ of Certiorare is filed. 

Write Your Congressman: DEFUND Obamacare Friday

As soon as Friday, (Tomorrow) 9/20, the House of Representatives might be voting to defund Obamacare.  Tell your congressman that you really want Obamacare defunded, no fake bills, no shell games, no loopholes.   Pharmer always has a quick route to your congress-critters on the sidebar under LINKS.  Please use it whenever you feel the need.

Here they are, pulled up for your convenience.  Use the U.S. Representatives link today, put in your zipcode to find your Rep. fast, …...and tell your congressman how much you think Obamacare sux.



Non News: 74 shot in Chicago over holiday weekend.

Those gun control laws are really amazing.  Chicago, a city with very restrictive gun control reported 74 shootings over the July 4 weekend (4 day period) and 12 people were reported dead.

The media yawned at this news, and continually reported the losses of the airline wreck in San Francisco instead.  Incidentally, Chicago’s  weekend violence dwarfed those two crash  fatalities,  likely because of the construction and  safety  features of the Boeing 777.

Meanwhile,  there has been  a big rush for Illinois to pass concealed carry legislation today, to beat a federal court’s deadline to allow this practice in the state.  The lefties seek to retain significant restrictions, to hamper the ability to carry in public.


Obama Exempts Businesses from Obamacare Mandate Until 2015

Businesses will not have to comply with the Obamacare employer mandates until 2015.  Individuals will still be required to purchase health care insurance or pay a fine.   This gives ALL businesses a chance to drop health care for their employees entirely, which will force many individuals out to the Obamacare exchanges.

This decision, NOT to enforce a major provision of Obamacare, was brought to you by Obama himself, without the review or consent of Congress.   It further cements  the illegal/unconstitutional practice of unilateral executive decisions to NOT enforce existing laws.  Obama has done a fair amount of this.

It was determined that forcing the businesses to purchase health insurance policies at the  new, exorbitant  prices under Obamacare, would be bad for the economy and bad for the Democrats in 2014.   So another disaster of Obamacare was kicked down the road.  The media increasingly has ceased using the term “Obamacare” to describe the (un)Affordable Health Care Act, as they would like to dissociate this debacle from their messiah-in-chief.

The problem is that individuals who are dropped from health coverage by their employer will have to find their own plans.   Insurers, such as Aetna and UHC have been dropping  individual policy offerings in various states, so many will be forced to federal insurance exchanges.  Many states do NOT have those federal exchanges.

Add to this the fact that 47% of the American workforce, more than ever before, has only PART TIME JOBS!!!!  While the government is claiming that employment is up, the proportion of those who are underemployed, is rising fast.  Service industry jobs are up, and generally higher paying production jobs are down.

In short, more people will be without health care insurance, (while  paying extra fines to the government) than ever before.  Obama is hoping that the fallout might hit after 2014 elections.

So the take home final point…… Obama quietly and unilaterally decided not to enforce a major portion of  his train wreck health care program, because it is not good for the democrat party in this next election season.   The fact that Obamacare is not good for Americans is not an issue for him.

Bishop Earl Walker Jackson fires up Election Race in Virginia

Ken Cuccinelli now has the fiery minister E.W. Jackson  as a running mate in his race for the governor of Virginia.  Bishop Jackson is a lawyer, businessman, and clergyman who is absolutely unafraid to advance his conservative principles.   His unapologetic presentation on a wide range of social, economic and governmental issues is causing the left to do what it always does,  accuse him of extremism and bigotry.   What has them so worked up?   Jackson has taken measure of what Planned Parenthood has been doing to the Black community, and has compared the abortion giant’s death dealing to that of the Ku Klux Klan.

Rev. Jackson was raised as a democrat, and like so many other congenital conservatives,  had to leave the party as it devolved into its current (leftist, statist)  form.

If you admire the sort of principled conservative who refuses to  walk back any of his statements whenever the media whines,  get behind E.W. Jackson, as he runs for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

Bishop EW Jackson, Conservative Extraordinaire
Bishop E W Jackson, Conservative Extraordinaire

Learn more about Bishop E W Jackson’s views at his campaign site.



Religious Freedom Action Day

Email or call your congressman today about H.R. 940, the Health Care Conscience Rights Act, especially from 10am to 12pm, but anytime of day will do.

Congressional contact Link is ALWAYS on the sidebar, Down on the Pharm,  under U.S. representatives. 

Please tweet this to your associates, under hashtags #religiousfreedom and #conscienceprotection, and pass it to your email and social media pals.  It’s easy.


Active Duty Soldier Arrested for Legally Carrying Firearms in Texas

Veteran arrested for legally carrying rifle TX

Officer Steve Ermis and his supervisor Sergeant Minnicks of the Temple Police Dept in TX, have really stepped in it.
They arrested Army Master Sgt. Christopher J. Grisham who was on a 10 mile hike with his 15 year old son, fulfilling an Eagle scout requirement.
Someone had reported “suspicious” armed people to the cops, and this caused Officer Ermis to disarm and arrest Sgt. Grisholm in the sight of his son, who was operating a camera. Readers can see a video of the entire event HERE.
The Blaze is carrying a more detailed account.
Seargeant Grisholm has had charges reduced from resisting arrest (because he didn’t) to a misdemeanor charge which essentially corresponds to talking too much while being arrested. His guns, which were not carried illegally nor unsafely, have not yet been returned to him.  Grisholm mentions that his  arrest was on March 16, 2013,  five “days after he urged the Temple City Council to declare that citizen rights to keep and bear arms will not be infringed“.
You know how much members of the military make, so check out Grisholm’s   legal fund HERE. to defend 2nd amendment rights,  to spank these keystone Temple cops for arresting him, taking his guns, and for detaining his son illegally for interrogation.

Gun Owner Story Could Crimp Christie’s Political Career

A gun owner located in New Jersey announced that the Second Amendment Fight has come to his front door.  Posting at the Delaware Open Carry forum, Shawn Moore told his compatriots that an online  pic of his son holding an AR-15 had brought the cops and the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services to his door.

It turns out that the cops  never saw the actual Facebook  pic, but had come to his house to get into his gun safe without a warrant, based on hearsay alone.

The Blaze is carrying this story also, with the pic the gun toting kid, and the cops from the Carney’s Point Police Department, who visited wearing their tactical gear.

By the way, that boy has more credentials for toting an ar-15 than most adults.  He has passed the state firearms safety test, and his father is a certified NRA Firearms instructor.

The police and the DYFS representatives have been very reluctant to give commentary or their identities in relation to this case.  Acting Police Chief Robert De Gregorio is not talking to The Blaze reporters.  Likewise, the DYFS officials are refusing to be interviewed, or give their names, though they apparently still want to see the contents of Mr. Moore’s gun safe.  It appears that they understand that they might on shaky legal ground even in the socialist state of New Jersey.  The DYFS investigator would not even give her name or credentials to Shawn Moore when she was at his home.  A person who can’t remember her name should be under supervised care.  This could also apply to Lynette, at the DYFS office, who perhaps could not recall the spelling of her surname.

If the harassment of this legal gun owner, and his family continues, it should be useful in stopping the republican political support of Governor Chris Christie, who is no kind of gun rights sympathizer.

Some Prominent Republicans are Outing Themselves on Gay Marriage

Obama’s death panel has relegated the Republican party to palliative care, and here’s one more reason why we should not attempt to intervene in the decision.

Eighty, so-called prominent republicans have signed an opinion that there is a constitutional right to gay marriage.  They have OUTED their complete ignorance of the Constitution.  Going over the names, few should be seen as a surprise.  If you care to check the list, click HERE. 

People need to get over the idea that any marriage at all is a constitutional right.  The U.S. constitution is silent on the issue of marriage and leaves it up to the people to decide how it is to be recognized socially.

Human rights are possessed by an individual, and they end where another begins.  All marriages are done with permission, coming from each partner.

There is also no human right to sex, for the same reason, as it impinges upon another person, and therefore requires permission.

Marriage ought to be handled by the religious organizations.  It originated with these groups as protection for the rearing of progeny.  The social recognition of marriage has served the purpose of stabilizing the environment for children to reach adulthood safely.

So many people have lost sight of the original reasons for local government impingement upon marriage, and are now using it as the vehicle for granting government mandated benefits.   Initially this applied to couples with children, but it has vastly expanded with the bloating of government.     In the military it has recently been decreed that unmarried  same sex partners of military personnel are eligible for certain benefits, but opposite sex partners are not, (even though the military chaplains may officiate same sex marriages).

Pharmer proposes that the government remove itself from the marriage business entirely.  Its various and self contradictory interventions have left a complete mess, which has nothing to do with the protection of children, or with committed relationships between people.

Let the churches handle marriage for those who respect it as a sacrament before God, and a commitment between each other, and to protect  resultant children.     Let the rest of the people who want to play house, draw up their own legal contracts and sign them with their lawyers present.