Bishop Earl Walker Jackson fires up Election Race in Virginia

Ken Cuccinelli now has the fiery minister E.W. Jackson  as a running mate in his race for the governor of Virginia.  Bishop Jackson is a lawyer, businessman, and clergyman who is absolutely unafraid to advance his conservative principles.   His unapologetic presentation on a wide range of social, economic and governmental issues is causing the left to do what it always does,  accuse him of extremism and bigotry.   What has them so worked up?   Jackson has taken measure of what Planned Parenthood has been doing to the Black community, and has compared the abortion giant’s death dealing to that of the Ku Klux Klan.

Rev. Jackson was raised as a democrat, and like so many other congenital conservatives,  had to leave the party as it devolved into its current (leftist, statist)  form.

If you admire the sort of principled conservative who refuses to  walk back any of his statements whenever the media whines,  get behind E.W. Jackson, as he runs for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.

Bishop EW Jackson, Conservative Extraordinaire
Bishop E W Jackson, Conservative Extraordinaire

Learn more about Bishop E W Jackson’s views at his campaign site.