IRS Head Shulman Record Breaking Number of Visits to White House


IRS Commissioner leads Obama White House Visiters. The Daily Caller.
IRS Commissioner leads Obama White House Visitors. The Daily Caller.

Shulman had more White House visits than any Cabinet member | The Daily Caller.

How can we KNOW that the White house directed IRS persecution of right wing organizations?   Because it’s Commissioner, Douglas Shulman, visited the White house 157 times during the Obama administration, more than any other member.

He visited 118  times during the two years before the 2012 elections, when the IRS was targeting the conservative non-profits.   That’s more than once per week.

Shulman was at the White House far more than any CABINET member.  His predecessor, Mark Everson was at the White house ONCE during George W. Bush’s administration.

More fun facts.

The ACLJ is representing 25  Tea Party groups in a suit  against the IRS.

At least Five Pro Israel groups critical of White House policies were targeted by the IRS.