Call A Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance: Weld County, CO, Chooses not to Fund Emergency Birth Control

Weld County vote against emergency contraception leaves patients looking elsewhere | The Colorado Independent.

John Tomasic of the Colorado Independent, expresses his sadness (above)  that Weld  County is not providing the morning after pills to its family planning clinics.

The crux of the issue is that the social conservative politicians in Weld County don’t want to spend tax dollars on relatively ineffective birth control drugs, which can often operate through abortive mechanisms.

Tomasic and his ‘expert’  interviewee, Judith Schlay seemed disturbed that the politicians would have learned the multiple mechanisms of morning after pills via the internet.  Tomasic says – go to the New York Times for your medical info, as he does.  Old-timer Schlay says- go to the university library, etc.

Pharmer says that Pubmed is on the internet, and so is the information provided by the drug manufacturers to their regulatory boards.  Schlay needs to update herself on the myriad sources of medical information.  She might increase her depth of knowledge on the pharmacology of levonorgestrel and ulipristal acetate.

One thing we know for certain- It’s a giant, tax payer funded cash cow to be pounding expensive morning after pills into women, mostly during times when they couldn’t get pregnant even without the pill.  More abortions can be sold if women come to rely on these birth control methods which demonstrate  less than 60% reduction in pregnancy rate,  in actual use.   It’s not hard to find ‘reproductive health care experts’ who want to line their pockets with tax money.

Sotomayor Refuses to Block Obama’s Morning After Pill Edict

Supreme Court Justice Refuses to Block Obama Morning After Pill Edict.

Obama’s appointee, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor refused to grant an emergency ruling blocking the effects of Obama’s HHS mandate on Hobby Lobby and it’s sister company, Mardel Inc.

She stated that while the legal requirements for an emergency ruling were not met, the companies may continue to pursue their lawsuits in the lower courts.

Attorneys for the government incorrectly deny the fact that the birth control drugs have abortive mechanisms of action. The government continues to pursue its interest in regulating the populations of its constituency by unethical and deceptive means.

(Another) Pharmacist Refuses to Sell Morning After Pill to a Man

Quite a significant number of pharmacists prefer to sell the morning after pills only to the actual patient.  If you search the net, you’ll find a fair number of stories detailing this phenomenon.

Apparently a recent story has made the news and has a bit of buzz on the blogs. Seems that “Hilary and Jon” had a desire for the morning after pill. They’re not yet married, and apparently not ready to have a baby. Jon was surprised to encounter a female pharmacist who would not sell the drug to him.

Some people have no idea why a pharmacist, who is willing to sell those pills, would make that decision. The girls at Reality Check seem to fall into this group.  So Pharmer made an attempt to explain this to them, and added a bit of extra bonus information.

1) Many formerly over the counter remedies have been placed in restricted access due to abuse.  All cold remedies containing pseudoephedrine are now behind the pharmacist’s counter, and sales are restricted,  because people like to use that chemical to produce methamphetamine.

2) The morning after pills are sometimes abused by males, who give them to females without their consent, sometimes as a chaser to “date rape” drugs.  Because of this, it makes sense to restrict the sale of the morning after pills to men.  Congratulations to the pharmacist who had enough sense to understand  this, and take a stand to protect women.

3)  It is misbranding to refer to a drug as “contraception” if it does not significantly stop or delay ovulation during or after the luteal peak (during the most fertile time of the month).  Part of its action is due to mechanisms operating after fertilization.   The morning after pills are properly classed as “hormonal birth control”, not “contraception”.

4) The morning after pills have shown MUCH less  effectiveness than was initially claimed.  It makes NO sense for a woman to change sexual behavior due to reliance on the morning after pills.  They reduce pregnancy rates by about 60 percent, or LESS.

5) In general, the effect of marketing ulipristal acetate, and levonorgestrel as morning-after-pills will be to stem the decline of the abortion rate.   The spectre of increasingly abysmal medical care, overlaid by ever increasing drug shortages has possibly  killed the mood for a lot of women, leading to a dip in abortion demand in the U.S.  Heavily marketing a poorer quality birth control option might be enough to keep the abortion businesses alive.  Levonorgestrel MAP was strongly associated with that effect in Anna Glasier’s Scottish studies.

Pharmer finds the morning after pills to be problematic on a number of levels, ranging from ethics to efficacy, and doesn’t dispense them at all.

The Government in Your Bedroom -Caleb Bonham Interviews Obama Supporters

Priceless results are produced when O-Bot attendees of the Obama/FLuke campaign stop are asked if the government should stay out of your bedroom. YES! Of course. Then when they are asked why the government should pay for what goes on in the bedroom… Duuuuuuuhhhhhh.

Obama Supporters Inteviewed About Government-Funded Contraception Outside Sandra Fluke Campaign Event | Video |

The Reason for FDA Approval of Ella, Ulipristal Acetate is HERE

RU—Serious? Jennie McCormack, the Next “Roe”? Good Grief |

Jennie McCormack aborted her 5 month unborn baby using mifepristone and misoprostil which she purchased online.
She was charged for illegally obtaining those drugs, doing a home abortion, and violating the ban on abortions after 20 weeks. She is appealing her convictions with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The FDA approved Ella for use as a morning after pill in an effort to provide another avenue for procurement of drugs for home abortions. Ella, ulipristal acetate, is a chemical analog of RU-456, mifepristone, and, in sufficient doses, operates by the same mechanism. Ella can be obtained from an online pharmacy in Utah, and doing so would circumvent one of the laws which McCormack has broken in her home state of Idaho.

Korea: Morning-after pills changed to OTC status, Daily BC pills changed to prescription only

Morning-after pills can be bought OTC.

South Korea used to sell most forms of birth control over the counter, with the morning after pills being prescription only. They have reversed this trend, putting nine of eleven brands of morning after pill over the counter. Note: the articles in English do not specify if prescription status of Ulipristal acetate is affected in this change.

The KDFA justification for changing daily administered birth control pill brands to prescription status is due to their side effects, which were listed at the Korea Herald as: thrombosis, thromboembolism, thrombo puerperalis, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis among others. The pills are banned from being administered to women with breast cancer, endometrial cancer, hepatitis and thromboembolism. Their use is also restricted among women who are over 40 years old, obese, have headaches, depression or other related conditions.

The Korean association of OB-Gyns is not in favor of putting morning after pills over the counter, citing studies that show that their availability does not reduce abortion demand.
The Catholic Diocese of Cheongju has registered opposition, stating that they will call for KFDA head Lee Hee-sung to resign.

In the above linked report, as with most news articles in countries where abortion has become controversial, there is the unsupported claim that the BC works only by affecting ovulation.

In opposition to this, the Drinks Business Review reports:
“KFDA officer Cho Ki-ho said  according to their panel of experts, the main mechanism behind the emergency pills is the interference of hormonal action, linked to interference of implantation.”

“”We are hoping that the wider access to the morning-after pill will prevent unwanted pregnancies. Because the drug is effective within 12 hours from sexual intercourse and at utmost 72 hours, time and access to the drug is very important. The pill is not an ordinary contraceptive. It is for very limited, urgent and frightening situations only,” Cho said.”

Mahatma Gandhi on Birth Control

“It is my certain conviction that no man loses his freedom except through his own weakness.”

“Contraceptives are an insult to woman hood. The difference between a prostitute and a woman using contraceptives is only this that the former sells her body to several men, the latter sells it to one man. Man has no right to touch his wife so long as she does not wish to have a child, and the woman should have the will-power to resist even her own husband.” – Mohandas K. Gandhi (H, 5-5-1946, p. 118)

Ms. Fluke, Mahatma Gandhi had a lot to say on birth control. Certainly he would have had the left-gurls’ panties in a wad, and if he had been on talk radio, your side would have been going after his advertisers.

Dana Goldstein: Transfer Oversight of Your Sex Life From Your Boss to the Government

via Obama Birth Control Compromise Defuses Religion Issue – The Daily Beast.

Above linked is an address in favor  of Obama’s new shell game “solution”  to the fight with the religious people of the United States.

It’s just as bogus and unsustainable  as the rest of Obamacare.  Instead of forcing the religious institutions to pay for birth control, abortive drugs and sterilizations, he moves the cost to the insurers, which in turn move the cost back to the employers.  The only change is that the employers do not have to speak to their employees about birth control.   Obama is still making businesses sell specific products,  and making the citizens pay for those products.    UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Pharmer is  laughing at Dana Goldstein, of the Daily Beast, who think’s its not rational that a woman’s boss has influence over her sex life. She does think it’s more rational that the influence be transferred to the Government.

There are two to three generations of lefties completely convinced that there is a right for humans to have sex, and that someone else should have to fund the activity and the results: erectile dysfunction meds, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, child birth, abortions, etc. I think that human rights end where another human begins. Sex involves two people at least, and can make more.

From the Pharmer comes a more libertarian viewpoint. Why can’t people assume more responsibility for their own behaviors and consequences?? The total cost of health care would go down if people knew that they had to take care of their own sex life and its results.

Third party payment is what has made the cost of health care (and education too) skyrocket, with no return on the extra investment. People are almost never good stewards of other people’s money.

Consider this novel idea… people delay sex until they can foot the bills. Birth control should be paid for in cash, and the same for sex enhancers and drugs for erectile dysfunction. People can enter their choice of insurance pools for to soften the expenses for complications of reproduction. That can be handled in a way similar to dental or life insurance. The cost of reproductive health care would plummet.

Certainly this would not appeal to the lefties who are used to trading in all their other freedoms in order to have sex with people they don’t even like, (or with children).

Maybe those who are interested in freedom and self determination should give the idea of personal responsibility another look.


Feeling the Heat White House to Offer Compromise on Birth Control Coverage

Obama to Announce Contraception Rule ‘Accommodation’ for Religious Organizations – ABC News.

Obama is in hotter water than he thought he’d be in, trying to force religiously affiliated organizations to pay for birth control,  abortive drugs and sterilizations.

He’s got a compromise plan to offer, which is poorly described in the media, but supposedly is another way to get birth control from their insurance without the direct involvement of the employers.

The plan sounds like gibberish,  and is not expected to satisfy those who object to being forced to pay for these services for their employees.   The most useful information is that the White House is worried that it has lost considerable voter support because of the birth control edict.

Opinion from Penn U.

Obama’s Blow to Reproductive Justice – NextGen Journal.

Read it…… because she wants us to trust the FDA, even though it doesn’t do what she says it does.   She wants the  little girls who aren’t allowed to get their ears pierced without mommy signing, and who are not allowed to carry ibuprofen or naproxen to school for alleviating their first menstrual cramps, to be able to buy the morning after pill with their lunch money.

A comment  had been  appended to the article, but since it might not last there,  here’s a portion of it:

“Should we not be protecting our children from those who think it’s OK for 11 year olds to have sex, and buy a drug entity  which is  60 percent effective per use, associated with virilization of female fetuses, increased susceptibility to STDs, and osteoporosis, and is not studied  in the pre-teen population?”  . 

“We should not be placing faith in the FDA, which has mishandled the HUGE shortages of medically vital drugs and chemotherapeutic agents.   Lives have been lost and countless more are at risk because the drug supplies have become so unpredictable  that rational adaptations and substitutions  cannot be made in a timely manner.  Our government has been exacerbating this problem while it diddles with the desires of people who want sexual access  to the pediatric population.”