Planned Parenthood Brochure Clarifies Its Mission

Look at what LiveAction.Org dug up!!   The Smith College Library in Massachusetts has an old Planned Parenthood brochure from back when it was called the Birth Control Federation of America.  Follow that link to see the whole brochure for yourself.  Most interesting is the description of this item by a Smith College archivist.

Planned Parenthood hasn’t changed its mind about controlling certain populations.  Elitists such as Bill and Melinda Gates concur that Brown People should be told how many babies they can have.  Pharmer  begs to differ.

While this brochure admits that abortion is “killing a life that has already begun”, it obscures the fact that any non-barrier birth control has the potential to do the same thing, but usually earlier in development. This brochure probably predates the time when the embryocidal mechanisms of birth control were elucidated.

Planned Parenthood whines about harassment from Pro-lifers


Your friendly Pharmer is highly amused that Planned Parenthood management is so upset by the investigative work of the Center for Medical Progress. Today’s second video, featuring the “less crunchy” Dr. Mary Gatter, has PP’s top brass in a tailspin. They’re crying foul, and are claiming that pro-lifers have been attacking them in an effort to shut down their killing business.

Let the public be reminded that Planned Parenthood has been harassing pharmacists for 15 years or more, in an attempt to force the pro-lifers to dispense abortifacient drugs, with their efforts leading to success in a number of states. In fact, Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Ohio intervened directly in the employment lawsuit between this pharmacist and K Mart way back in 2001, in order to delay  the inevitable outcome.

Planned Parenthood has been attacking pro-life  health care professionals and Crisis Pregnancy Centers for decades.  Is there any reason that people should feel sympathy for the nation’s top abortion conglomerate, which kills babies and sells their body parts?

Help the Stormans Family, Pro-life Pharmacists

The Stormans Family  has been battling the coercive leftist abortion supporters for YEARS, regarding their right to refuse to dispense certain types of birth control which have abortive mechanisms of action.  They won their case at home, but are being soaked for legal fees as their First Amendment case is being appealed to the 9th Circuit Court.  Read more about the appeal  at LifeNews.

There’s a Go Fund Me campaign to help out this family, and allow them to stay true to their religious and ethical beliefs as they practice pro-life pharmacy.

Please understand  that the primary drug in question, levonorgestrel, or Plan B One-Step is now an over the counter drug.  The entire environment of practice regarding this drug entity has changed while the Stormans legal battle has been going on.   In addition, it has been established that Plan B is ineffective for American women of average size. ( Learn more at the Chemical Abortion page of this blog.)  The pharmacists who refuse to dispense Plan B have effectively  been protecting these women from being sold a bogus “remedy”.  The point of continued legal persecution of this family is moot.

Your friendly Pharmer is coughing up some $$$ to help the Stormans family, and invites you to do so too

. Read more about the initial case  HERE.

Stormans - Family of Pro-life Pharmacists


Planned Parenthood Exposed (Again) by Live Action Films

Most often, perverts are not so easy to pick out of a crowd.  There’s  the recent case of the respectably employed EPA bureaucrat who spent 2-6 hrs daily watching porn at work, and was even paid a bonus for job performance.  There’s the Seattle anaesthesiologist who’s license has been suspended due to his alleged habits of sexting during surgical procedures, and use of  medical images for personal gratification.

Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood dresses up fashionably and appears at high level political fundraisers, acting like a normal human.  But look at what her organization does.  The blood of innocents is just icing on the Planned Parenthood cake.  The organization relentlessly pushes a sex agenda which is designed to isolate children and teens from their families, and feed a need for their most lucrative abortion services.

Live Action Films is presenting a 2014 summer video series on the strategy and methods used by Planned Parenthood to market their services to the 66 percent remaining  children who survived their abortion mills.

Using Planned Parenthood’s preferred  twitter hashtag #sexed is one means to pass on this information to your fellow human beings.   Tweetfest is on June 11. Learn more HERE. 

Watch the video for a preview of what’s to come.  Bear in mind that this series will discuss some R and even X rated things, so viewer discretion is advised.

Planned Parenthood Exposed #SEXED
Planned Parenthood Exposed #SEXED

What Your Pharmacist Doesn’t Know about Plan B

The folks at a major healthcare professional  education provider were scooped by Mother Jones and, prior to that, by yours truly, regarding the ineffectiveness of Plan B ONE-STEP for the bigger girls.

They had to update their not so good analysis of the morning after pills and …. it’s still not so good. If they were offering compensation, yours truly would tell them more, but this example is blogged to illustrate a single point. The public should know that their busy health care professionals are treated like mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed B.S. concerning birth control in general.

 Pharmacists have to think about a concept of steady state when asked by physicians to dose antibiotics and other drugs, or if they work in the field of drug development. Steady state is the condition during which the intake of a drug is in a sort of equilibrium with the output or the elimination of the drug. This assumes regular dosing of the drug. Steady state generally occurs after several doses and after about 5 times the half life of the drug. Ideally drug levels at steady state are high enough to be effective, and low enough to be ‘non-toxic’.

Casting about for the reason why Plan B ONE STEP doesn’t work in American women of average size or greater, the team at this Professional Education Provider, led by N B O’ Pharm.D., BCPS,wrote the following:

“The exact mechanism for the reduced efficacy seen in overweight and obese women using levonorgestrel is not known. One proposed mechanism is that in women with an increased BMI, there is a delay in time to steady state and a prolonged half-life as seen in studies with combined oral contraceptives.21″

This nonsensically applied  idea was blamed on the article below, which covered birth control hormones in general, and addressed the drugs that females take orally every day, or those which continuously supply hormone(s) to the body,  such as patches and depot injections.

Edelman AB, Cherala G, Stanczyk FZ. Metabolism and pharmacokinetics of contraceptive steroids in obese women: a review. Contraception 2010;82:314-23.

Some poor PharmD educator is talking about STEADY STATE with respect to a drug which is taken in a single dose : Plan B ONE STEP!! 

Steady State Never Happens with a single such dose!

This is just a single example but it illustrates the point.

 1) Most of your health care professionals are generally lost in the weeds regarding birth control, and don’t know what they’re talking about. That includes the ones who really SHOULD know what they’re talking about.

 Bonus) Be assured that birth control generally does not work as well in real life as the studies claim, and many factors contribute to this.

Please consider adjusting life style and reproductive planning with at least these two facts in mind.


Comprehensive Review of Planned Parenthood Pill Scam

…….. is available at Jill Stanek’s blog.

After years of planned parenthood pushing the morning after pill, they have turned on Plan B One-step, admitting what Pharmer has been saying for years,  that it’s very ineffective.

What Jill Stanek points out is that Planned Parenthood already had a campaign lined up to push Ella (ulipristal acetate) analog of the mifepristone abortion pill, as the new morning after pill, and an IUD, which could bring them even more cash than their  abortion procedures do.  This campaign was already in the pipeline BEFORE Mother Jones spilled the story of Plan B’s ineffectiveness to the low information crowd.  Note that the video linked above was already uploaded on September 3, 2013, prior to the Mother Jones publication.  Anne Glasier’s study of Plan B inefficacy in women was published in 2011.

Back in 2010, Pharmer brought to your attention the CHMP assessment report, filed by the manufacturer of Ella One to  Europe’s version of the FDA. and explained some of the features of the pill.   Initially mentioned was that Ella One, which is called Ella in the U.S. is not very effective, and that the embryocidal dose of the pill is lower than the dose required to stop ovulation, demonstrated in the animal trials.   Also from this report, is the information that the 30mg dose is designed for 60 kg (132 lb) women, is designed to deliver  the 0.5mg/kg dose which the manufacturer stated  to be insufficient to stop ovulation, but effective against pregnancy.  This dose is not sufficient for larger women, and so Ella has  similar efficacy problems as the various forms of Plan B and Plan B One-Step (levonorgestrel).

Expect planned parenthood to sell Ella as long as it can get away with it, then kick the morning after use  aside, as women are persuaded to wear the indwelling coat hanger, Para-Gard, a copper IUD.   Pharmer thinks that planned parenthood will always keep Ella around generically, since it can be substituted for the mifepristone now marketed in the U.S. for chemical abortions.

Christine Quinn Would Supply Morning After Pill to 11 Year Old Girls

In New York City, there’s a hot democrat mayoral race, headlined by two practitioners of moral turpitude, Anthony Weiner and Christine Quinn.  If either one of them wins, New York loses, but more than half of the citizenry there is completely clueless.

Christine Quinn, current speaker of the city council, is good buddy to planned parenthood and foe to pregnancy care centers.  She is  pushing to supply the morning after pill in middle schools.  Mayor Bloomberg has  already been supplying  the highly ineffective Plan B to the high schools, but Quinn likely knows that in the upcoming economic collapse, people will be renting  or selling their  children as prostitutes.  At that time,  leftie pervs will be out shopping for bargain basement rates, to get what natural selection had denied them in more normal economic and social conditions.    With Plan B and Ella failing up to 50 percent of the time, Quinn’s  friends in the abortion industry will enjoy a strong financial resurgence.

New York’s latest pick of politicians, dredged up from the toilet, might  allow that city to surpass Portland, Oregon, to become the nation’s deepest and smelliest cesspool.


Non-news: Obama Administration Complies with Judge Lifting Restriction on Plan B Sales

The Obama administration will, as expected, comply with Judge Edward Korman’s order to allow all underage girls, and their rapists to purchase Plan B without restrictions.

The latest news incorrectly states that “If a girl or woman already is pregnant, the pill, which prevents ovulation or fertilization of an egg, has no effect.”

This misrepresentation conflicts with the manufacturer’s own provider information shown below, which recognizes that the pill has multiple mechanisms of action, some of which act AFTER fertilization.  You are not being well served, in matters of science and medicine, by the news media.
Another misrepresentation  involves word play with the term “pregnancy”.  This is now said to begin about a week after embryonic development starts, in order to disguise the fact that Plan B can operate to kill an early human embryo by affecting its ability to implant in the uterus.
Plan B One-Step Mechanism
Note:  Over the counter Plan B, which demonstrates <60 percent effectiveness in actual use, is like condoms with holes in them.

Wacky WaPo puts article on Reproductive Coercion under its ON FAITH heading

Doctors warn against ’reproductive coercion’ – The Washington Post.

Of considerable amusement is the placement of an article on reproductive coercion (which does not mention faith or religion)  under the “On Faith” heading.  Perhaps the WaPo editors could explain that.

The article goes on to explain the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists big concern that men might be coercing women to get pregnant by refusing to use condoms, inducing condom failure, or tugging out the IUD.  It goes on to suggest means by which this can be thwarted, including having a stash of the not very effective morning after pills.

Would the ACOG like to include itself under this warning about reproductive coercion?  ACOG and affiliates  have been marketing pills and other birth control modalities to women, thereby eliciting massive changes in behavioral trends.    Of extreme importance is the fact that the birth control methods which women are encouraged to rely on, are not nearly as effective in actual use as they are claimed to be in “perfect use”.  This has lead to  millions of unplanned pregnancies, and millions of abortions.
Reproductive coercion has been the result as the  ACOG seemingly fails to acknowledge   that a natural consequence of the kind of sex which makes babies is …….. BABIES!!!

It would be encouraging to see the ACOG and so-called women’s advocacy groups show a bit more interest in reducing sex slavery, sexual abuse of minors, coercion and incest, even though that might reduce the need for their services.   Those golden handcuffs seem to be an impediment.

New HHS Mandate Amendment Still Violates First Amendment

Proposal to amend ObamaCare contraceptive rule met with skepticism | Fox News.

Kathleen (Cruella) Sebelius, has slightly broadened conscience exceptions in the HHS mandate. The new amendment still shows her desire to remove all of those who religiously object to paying for birth control, abortion and sterilizations, from the world of business. This is much worse than a status of dhimmitude for strict opponents of abortion, and would serve to force them out of the taxable portion of the U.S. economy. With this amendment, the administration shows that it is not serious about addressing the debt problem by allowing the INFLUX of tax dollars.

The HHS mandate remains a significant part of the many pronged effort by the Obama administration to remove the United States from its position as a world economic leader.