Wacky WaPo puts article on Reproductive Coercion under its ON FAITH heading

Doctors warn against ’reproductive coercion’ – The Washington Post.

Of considerable amusement is the placement of an article on reproductive coercion (which does not mention faith or religion)  under the “On Faith” heading.  Perhaps the WaPo editors could explain that.

The article goes on to explain the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists big concern that men might be coercing women to get pregnant by refusing to use condoms, inducing condom failure, or tugging out the IUD.  It goes on to suggest means by which this can be thwarted, including having a stash of the not very effective morning after pills.

Would the ACOG like to include itself under this warning about reproductive coercion?  ACOG and affiliates  have been marketing pills and other birth control modalities to women, thereby eliciting massive changes in behavioral trends.    Of extreme importance is the fact that the birth control methods which women are encouraged to rely on, are not nearly as effective in actual use as they are claimed to be in “perfect use”.  This has lead to  millions of unplanned pregnancies, and millions of abortions.
Reproductive coercion has been the result as the  ACOG seemingly fails to acknowledge   that a natural consequence of the kind of sex which makes babies is …….. BABIES!!!

It would be encouraging to see the ACOG and so-called women’s advocacy groups show a bit more interest in reducing sex slavery, sexual abuse of minors, coercion and incest, even though that might reduce the need for their services.   Those golden handcuffs seem to be an impediment.

One thought on “Wacky WaPo puts article on Reproductive Coercion under its ON FAITH heading

  1. Note there is no concern for women who are forced or coerced to abort against their will. This is much more common and sometimes the man kills the woman when she adimantly refuses to abort. But the hard core pro-aborts don't care and don't raise a peep of protest over this. When they are pressed on the issue, they just classify these killings as ordinary domestic violence, and want only that issue dealt with, not the issue of the woman's right to give birth without punishment. Anything so they don't have to defend a woman's right to choose life.
    These women don't make good pro-abort news copy. But if a woman is coerced into childbirth by having her birth control interfered with, that can be used as good pro-abort copy. It helps the pro-abort marketing idea that children are bad for women and are tools of their oppression. The Bible says children are a blessing, but that idea doesn't sell abortions.

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