Illegal, Unaccompanied, Underage Immigrants Will be Given Abortions by HHS

…….after they are raped, and without their parents permission or knowledge.  

One could conclude that the left imported these children into the U.S. for sexual reasons, as well as to serve as future Democrats.

The HHS will also be offering Plan B  (the BC drug which is known to have very poor efficacy). 

This constitutes a federal program to abuse children sexually, get them pregnant, and kill their babies prior to birth.  It sounds like a plan to subsidize Planned Parenthood.

In this manner, the left disrespects and abuses whole populations of people, and treats them as livestock.

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HHS, stop abusing children!
HHS, stop abusing children!

Planned Parenthood Exposed (Again) by Live Action Films

Most often, perverts are not so easy to pick out of a crowd.  There’s  the recent case of the respectably employed EPA bureaucrat who spent 2-6 hrs daily watching porn at work, and was even paid a bonus for job performance.  There’s the Seattle anaesthesiologist who’s license has been suspended due to his alleged habits of sexting during surgical procedures, and use of  medical images for personal gratification.

Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood dresses up fashionably and appears at high level political fundraisers, acting like a normal human.  But look at what her organization does.  The blood of innocents is just icing on the Planned Parenthood cake.  The organization relentlessly pushes a sex agenda which is designed to isolate children and teens from their families, and feed a need for their most lucrative abortion services.

Live Action Films is presenting a 2014 summer video series on the strategy and methods used by Planned Parenthood to market their services to the 66 percent remaining  children who survived their abortion mills.

Using Planned Parenthood’s preferred  twitter hashtag #sexed is one means to pass on this information to your fellow human beings.   Tweetfest is on June 11. Learn more HERE. 

Watch the video for a preview of what’s to come.  Bear in mind that this series will discuss some R and even X rated things, so viewer discretion is advised.

Planned Parenthood Exposed #SEXED
Planned Parenthood Exposed #SEXED

Stupid Educator Trick: Weird Sex Ed in Switzerland

Graphic ‘Sex Box’ for Swiss Kindergartners has Genitalia to Teach Kids that Sex is Pleasurable |

Two of the possible reasons that schools in Switzerland might have adopted the sex indoctrination program (story linked above) are given below.

1) Swiss lefties have so lost cerebral cortical activity that they believe their offspring have to be taught how to play with themselves.

2) Swiss leftists feel more comfortable having sex with young children, and wish to formally prepare the kids for the interactions in kindergarten.

Click that link if you have a strong stomach, and see if you can come up with more possible motivations for this toxic weirdness.

Christine Quinn Would Supply Morning After Pill to 11 Year Old Girls

In New York City, there’s a hot democrat mayoral race, headlined by two practitioners of moral turpitude, Anthony Weiner and Christine Quinn.  If either one of them wins, New York loses, but more than half of the citizenry there is completely clueless.

Christine Quinn, current speaker of the city council, is good buddy to planned parenthood and foe to pregnancy care centers.  She is  pushing to supply the morning after pill in middle schools.  Mayor Bloomberg has  already been supplying  the highly ineffective Plan B to the high schools, but Quinn likely knows that in the upcoming economic collapse, people will be renting  or selling their  children as prostitutes.  At that time,  leftie pervs will be out shopping for bargain basement rates, to get what natural selection had denied them in more normal economic and social conditions.    With Plan B and Ella failing up to 50 percent of the time, Quinn’s  friends in the abortion industry will enjoy a strong financial resurgence.

New York’s latest pick of politicians, dredged up from the toilet, might  allow that city to surpass Portland, Oregon, to become the nation’s deepest and smelliest cesspool.


Planned Parenthood of Indiana: Sex Ed is Cure for Rape?

Indiana is the 16th most populous state of the U.S., with about 6.9 million people.   It’s also a Planned Parenthood stronghold, with 27 of their so-called health centers located in the state.  Across the USA, there are approximately 750 PP facilities, or one per 440,000 people. Indiana has one facility per 256,000 people, or almost twice the national average. Indiana boasts a close relationship between planned parenthood and the Girl Scouts sex education programs encompassing a 12 county region in the south central part of the state.

With the above factual understanding, it is very interesting to see people of planned parenthood of Indiana commenting on the sad story of a 13 year old girl in Madison county, who was sexually assaulted.   On their facebook page, (June 6, 13) the girl’s story from the Indianapolis Star is linked with the comment: “As this article notes, heartbreaking stories like this are all too common in Indiana, which ranks second in the number of teen sexual assaults. Comprehensive sex ed can make a difference in preventing sexual assaults.”

planned parenthood of Indiana
planned parenthood of Indiana

Rebecca Frazer of Live Action News is lit up about the callousness of the PPI for suggesting that their pornographic sex ed programs could possibly prevent child rape and molestation. She reminds us that Live Action exposed  two separate  instances of Indiana planned parenthood employees offering to cover up instances of statutory rape.  Your friendly Pharmer agrees that PPI’s facebook  suggestion is whacked, as well as inappropriate.   It is also patently and demonstrably false.

As noted above,  Planned parenthood has been very strongly present and extremely busy in the state of Indiana, with respect to its sex  industry, oops, “education”  business, abortion business and its huge influence on the political scene in the center of the state.  Planned Parenthood itself notes that Indiana, after all their “efforts” is the number 2 ranking state with respect to teen sexual assaults.  This data suggests that planned parenthood is not curing the problem of teen rape in Indiana, but rather is Exacerbating it! 

What Else is Wrong with NYC? Health Dept. App for Kid Sex

Teens  can download a phone app at the New York City’s Health Department website, which reminds them that they don’t need parental consent for abortion and birth control services in that metropolis.  The app also tells them how to obtain services based on where they live, and what they can expect at the clinics.   the directory lists as “Gold Star clinics”  those which offer free birth control and abortion.

The App links a video of New York girl, “Samantha”,  who talks about boinking with her boyfriend, and wishing that she were also doing it with her girlfriend too.  She describes the “free and confidential” birth control and abortion services, as well as not needing permission from anyone to obtain them.

NYC is on Pharmer’s ‘NOT’ List of  kids school field trips, for reasons of this kind of cultural rot.

CNS News says that no answers from health dept. officials were forthcoming about the  use of  federal or local tax dollars for encouraging kid sex in New York City.

Life Dynamics and Jill Stanek: Groundbreaking Legal Means to Stop Child Predators

As many pro-lifers know, Jill Stanek has joined with Life Dynamics to report news on the life issues. She’s now reporting on a groundbreaking push by Life Dynamics to hold the abortion industry accountable for concealing the sexual abuse of minors.
This blog has repeatedly referred to the first study, done more than 10 years ago by Life Dynamics, which revealed that over 90 percent of abortion clinics, who were called by an actress portraying a 13 year old girl with 22 year old boyfriend, showed a willingness to flout the laws requiring reporting of suspected sexual abuse of minors. Many of these abortion clinics even provided the methodology to conceal the sexual abuse.
Now Life Dynamics has mailed CDs to 53 thousand personal injury attorneys to educate them on the state laws pertinent to this issue, and the possibility of bringing suit against school officials, health care professionals and clinics which provide services to minors who have been sexually abused by adults, and fail in their legal requirement to report such abuse to the state.
Jill Stanek reports that Mark Crutcher’s phone at Life Dynamics has been ringing incessantly ever since launching this campaign.

Your friendly Pharmer suggests that further rich ground for the lawyers exists and that fear of litigation can dissuade retail pharmacies from stocking Plan B and Ella.

The government can force retailers to sell these drugs to the sexual predators, only if they stock the drug.
In the future, lawsuits might be the tool to stop the government from forcing retailers to stock these drugs. None of the businesses could survive a group of civil lawsuits for aiding sexual predators.

Currently good target states for this kind of litigation are Washington, Oregon and of course, New York. The large retail pharmacy chains would run screaming to the State Boards of Pharmacy for relief from the governments requirement to sell these drugs to minor females and their rapists.

Life Dynamics Facebook Announcement of the Campaign to Educate Personal Injury Attorneys.

WND Article explains Life Dyanamics Campaign to Legally Restrain the Enablers of Child Sex Abuse


NYT and WAPO Find Planned Parenthood School Sex Ed Too Shocking for Their Readers

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post refused ads from the American Life League which contained images from Planned Parenthood’s sex ed for grade school kids.   The material in question is targeted for kids as young as 10 years old, yet the two leftie papers refused ads with the excuse that sample material was too shocking for their adult readers.

These two fading news rags are big Planned Parenthood supporters, yet they seem not to approve of the sex ed programs that the abortion giant is bringing into American primary schools.  The Washington post found the images too graphic.   The New York Times would only run the ads if the American Life League would blur the images which are used to teach our 10 year old kids.

Do you want to see the stuff which the WaPo and NYT think is too shocking for public viewing??  They are gross, but it might be good for you to know that your tax dollars are being used to show really graphic stuff to sexualize  your kids, and a teacher can get fired for refusing to cooperate.   Click here for a sample at HookingKids. 

ALL wants you to visit  for more info on how to protest the use of this garbage to pollute American children.

Federal Judge Places Morning After Pill over the Counter Without Age Restriction

Your friendly Pharmer came home from work this morning to a message from a Reuter’s reporter, asking for comment on this story.   Lacking real information,  there was not much to do but comment on the inappropriateness of medically uneducated people, making decisions on matters  in that field, and give information on the liabilities of the drug, particularly in teens and adolescents. Naturally, the reporter garbled the message.

Naturally, Pharmer thinks that a judge has no business ruling on whether a drug should be considered safe enough for over the counter sales, (unless he would perhaps rule simply on whether the FDA should exist or not  😉 .

It appears that Judge Edward Korman  of the Eastern NY division of the Federal court has made two decisions on this issue.  One of them impinged on dropping the age to 17 to obtain Plan B One-Step without a prescription.  The actual decision is HERE. 

The 2nd and current  decision,  which resembles a temper tantrum in style, further loosens the   restrictions, and has  countermanded Kathleen Sebelius’ Dec. 2011 decision to limit over the counter sales to girls under 17 years of age.  Now it appears that  the FDA is ordered to allow general sale of Plan B One-Step over the counter within the next 30 days, “without point of sale or age restrictions”.   Judge Edward Korman has made a pretty good argument for completely eliminating the FDA, since its decisions are moot, and may be overturned at any time by a medically uneducated Federal Judge.

So far,  only Plan B (levonorgestrel) is being addressed in this decision.  Ella is excluded from consideration.  Korman’s  one-man usurpation of FDA regulatory functions cedes only the label requirements and the  ability to regulate the sale of of the older 2-pill version,  Plan B, back to the agency.

The FDA will have to generate mega-reams of paperwork to address these  and other momentous decisions, such as whether to re-categorize  hydrocodone as a  CII controlled substance.   They have minutiae to manage, and certainly will not have time to appropriately address the rampant and unprecedented drug shortages which are causing medical errors and deaths in our hospitals and communities.

The Teen Years Are Scary in New York State.

Russell S. Hepler discovered the changes in New York State’s medical confidentiality laws the hard way.  Usually a person expects that the privacy regulations kick in once your child turns 18.  If you need access to the information to pay bills, your kids need to fill out paperwork giving permission.   In New York, that age limit is only 12.   Your little adolescent can be hauled off to a hospital or abortion clinic and given treatment without your consent.  Bills will come to your house, but you do not have the right to know what they are for, although you could experience adverse financial consequences if you refuse to pay.

Mr. Hepler discovered this when his son was taken by school officials to a New York hospital, where he was treated for a dislocated finger.   When the bills arrived,  the hospital refused to give his wife  any information, or discuss errors of information with them, due to privacy regulations of that state.

New York State law considers 12 year old children to be competent to manage their own medical affairs.

This change is mainly for the purpose of supporting and providing  sexual access to children.  It also provides profits for the abortion industry, as a reward for their long time support of the democrat party.  New York supplies the means to   treat children for  STIs,  provide  birth control, and perform abortions on the girls who are made pregnant, all without parental knowledge.   These regulations increase the chance for deaths in the aftermath of medical procedures or abortions, since parents are purposely kept out of the information loop.

New Yorkers have one more reason to leave the state.