The Teen Years Are Scary in New York State.

Russell S. Hepler discovered the changes in New York State’s medical confidentiality laws the hard way.  Usually a person expects that the privacy regulations kick in once your child turns 18.  If you need access to the information to pay bills, your kids need to fill out paperwork giving permission.   In New York, that age limit is only 12.   Your little adolescent can be hauled off to a hospital or abortion clinic and given treatment without your consent.  Bills will come to your house, but you do not have the right to know what they are for, although you could experience adverse financial consequences if you refuse to pay.

Mr. Hepler discovered this when his son was taken by school officials to a New York hospital, where he was treated for a dislocated finger.   When the bills arrived,  the hospital refused to give his wife  any information, or discuss errors of information with them, due to privacy regulations of that state.

New York State law considers 12 year old children to be competent to manage their own medical affairs.

This change is mainly for the purpose of supporting and providing  sexual access to children.  It also provides profits for the abortion industry, as a reward for their long time support of the democrat party.  New York supplies the means to   treat children for  STIs,  provide  birth control, and perform abortions on the girls who are made pregnant, all without parental knowledge.   These regulations increase the chance for deaths in the aftermath of medical procedures or abortions, since parents are purposely kept out of the information loop.

New Yorkers have one more reason to leave the state.