Wacky WaPo puts article on Reproductive Coercion under its ON FAITH heading

Doctors warn against ’reproductive coercion’ – The Washington Post.

Of considerable amusement is the placement of an article on reproductive coercion (which does not mention faith or religion)  under the “On Faith” heading.  Perhaps the WaPo editors could explain that.

The article goes on to explain the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists big concern that men might be coercing women to get pregnant by refusing to use condoms, inducing condom failure, or tugging out the IUD.  It goes on to suggest means by which this can be thwarted, including having a stash of the not very effective morning after pills.

Would the ACOG like to include itself under this warning about reproductive coercion?  ACOG and affiliates  have been marketing pills and other birth control modalities to women, thereby eliciting massive changes in behavioral trends.    Of extreme importance is the fact that the birth control methods which women are encouraged to rely on, are not nearly as effective in actual use as they are claimed to be in “perfect use”.  This has lead to  millions of unplanned pregnancies, and millions of abortions.
Reproductive coercion has been the result as the  ACOG seemingly fails to acknowledge   that a natural consequence of the kind of sex which makes babies is …….. BABIES!!!

It would be encouraging to see the ACOG and so-called women’s advocacy groups show a bit more interest in reducing sex slavery, sexual abuse of minors, coercion and incest, even though that might reduce the need for their services.   Those golden handcuffs seem to be an impediment.

On the Relationship of Gay Marriage and Human Trafficking

Your friendly Pharmer spotted a link  at Jill Stanek’s blog which needs to be passed on.  Robert Oscar Lopez, himself the son of a lesbian mother, reveals a transformation in the gay community which has aligned it with the industries of human trafficking and creation of designer babies.  Kids have become commodities, and anyone who objects, including the children themselves, will be  publicly scourged for homophobia.

Lopez states that the fight for gay marriage was  to provide legal cover “from criticism for their bioethical stunts”.

Click below and read:

Articles: The Oncoming Human Rights Crisis…Caused by the LGBT Movement.

Psssst Media Secret: FBI investigates NJ Sen. Bob Menendez for Use of Underage Prostitutes

You won’t hear hardly a whisper of this if you watch the mainstream news. Sen Bob Menendez apparently likes to visit the Dominican Republic, via private aircraft for recreational reasons. He has a Democrat, donor buddy, Dr. Salomon Melgen, an opthalmologist with whom he likes to party, and the FBI knows it. This is why they have raided said physician’s office complex looking for evidence, and have driven away with van’s full of material.
Some other problems of Dr. Melgen, besides his party life with Sen Menendez, are his successive tax liens, amounting to many millions of dollars.

For background, you can visit HERE, and see the original interviews of women in the Dominican Republic, who say that Sen. Menendez paid them for sex. The women reported that he promised them $500, but they only received $100.

When pressed about the accusation, Senator Menendez said that he would not dignify the story with a response.

Emails pertaining to the FBI investigation have been published HERE.   On the sidebar, at that link, is a flash widget  for downloading the dossier of the federal investigation, containing many email screenshots and other information.

Update,  The Miami Herald  has taken notice, and so has Drudge.

Bob Menendez, were the parties that good??


Shame, Fear and Dignity – A Male Rape Victim Speaks Out

The MoronicProchoiceQuotes site, on an exceptional day, hosted a blog post by Chad Felix Greene which is neither prochoice, nor moronic.

Mr. Greene examines the rape excuse for abortion through the eyes of  a male rape victim who has been infected with HIV as a result.

He establishes with his own body of  evidence that the abortion supporters are not concerned with the rape victims themselves, but just the use of them as a tool to win the abortion argument.

With Mr. Greene’s  evidence, plus the abortionists’  routine practice of returning rape victims to their abusers,  we understand  that rape and sex slavery is seen as  a mere profit center by  the prochoice side, rather than an evil  from which people should be protected.

Below are most auspicious and significant click-ables, well worth your time.


via #MoronicProchoiceQuotes: Shame, Fear and Dignity – A Male Rape Victim Speaks Out.


Remember when Whoopie said it wasn’t “rape-rape” ??

Remember when Whoopi Goldberg declared that Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13 year old girl wasn’t a legitimate rape? It wasn’t “rape-rape,” she said. It was more…. a statutory rape. Except the victim says that she resisted at first, then she stopped because she was afraid of Polanski. That didn’t qualify as a real rape, or a crime in the demented mind of left-gurl, Whoopi.

The testimony of Samantha Gailey before the grand jury following the attack is summarized at the very bottom of this page, and the entire document is archived HERE at the Smoking Gun.
It is really sick, and if you read it, you’ll wonder what is wrong with Whoopie Goldberg and the countless other amoral leftists who defended or minimized Roman Polanski’s multiple rapes of the drugged Samantha Gailey.

Missouri senate candidate, Todd Akin, didn’t think a woman would be likely to get pregnant if she were “legitimately” (meaning violently) raped.
Roman Polansky had a solution to the possibility of Samantha Gailey getting pregnant while being raped in a drugged state, (which circumvented the physical violence). He took no chances on whether or not pregnancy was likely, and utilized her rear exit.
Perhaps his precaution is what appealed to Whoopie Goldberg and the left-gurls, and led them to defend him, time and time again.

In left-land: Roman Polanski drugging and raping a thirteen year = OK. Todd Akin differentiating between physiological response to violent or statutory rape = Evil. And not wanting to kill a baby in recompense for the crime of her father = unspeakable extremist horror.

The left has been supporting numerous government programs which are going to make life as difficult for U.S. females, as it is for women in China.
After the HHS mandate and Obamacare complete the intended purpose of removing the pro-lifers from health care, females will lose autonomy over their bodies. The government, with its planned parenthood, will continue the “educational” programs of grooming them for early sex, and it will decide when and if they have babies, birth control, abortion or sterilization. That the males are also being groomed for this is going to exacerbate the problem.

Particularly in this past week, establishment republicans have shown themselves to be willing helpers to the leftists in this regard.

Porn Addicts Might Be Forced to Recycle, Due to Syphilis Outbreak

Porn industry announces moratorium after syphilis-case reports – latimes.com.

An LA group which represents the  porn film  industry  is suspending operations while testing for syphilis among its one thousand performers  is underway.

An 18% increase in syphilis in the state of California between 2010 and 2011,  has gotten  their health department officials all excited.

There’s debate concerning Measure B in Los Angeles, which would allow spot inspections of porn producers, and mandates that condoms be deployed in x rated film production.