Shame, Fear and Dignity – A Male Rape Victim Speaks Out

The MoronicProchoiceQuotes site, on an exceptional day, hosted a blog post by Chad Felix Greene which is neither prochoice, nor moronic.

Mr. Greene examines the rape excuse for abortion through the eyes of  a male rape victim who has been infected with HIV as a result.

He establishes with his own body of  evidence that the abortion supporters are not concerned with the rape victims themselves, but just the use of them as a tool to win the abortion argument.

With Mr. Greene’s  evidence, plus the abortionists’  routine practice of returning rape victims to their abusers,  we understand  that rape and sex slavery is seen as  a mere profit center by  the prochoice side, rather than an evil  from which people should be protected.

Below are most auspicious and significant click-ables, well worth your time.

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2 thoughts on “Shame, Fear and Dignity – A Male Rape Victim Speaks Out

    1. Trying to figure out how the reader sees condemnation and hate of the blog in the post…….

      The misinterpretation could be due to a 180 degree misreading of the first sentence.
      It kind of reminds Pharmer of the insult that sometimes can result from delivering a compliment in Japanese, using "wa" instead of "ga" and the listener getting an almost opposite message, and being very insulted..

      (Sooo……. breaking the first sentence down …)

      The blog appears to feature and comment on "moronic prochoice quotes" very often, hence the title.

      (Trading the term "particular" for "exceptional" (sort of a "ga" for "wa" exchange):)

      On a particular day, the blog instead quotes or features an entire article, which is NOT written by a prochoicer at all, and the content of that quoted or featured article is NOT moronic.

      Is that clearer?

      Note also that the structure of the above Pharm-post was designed to avoid lifting or pulling from the blog, but to send the readers TO the Moronic Prochoice Quotes blog, and to the site of Mr. Greene.

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