What Else is Wrong with NYC? Health Dept. App for Kid Sex

Teens  can download a phone app at the New York City’s Health Department website, which reminds them that they don’t need parental consent for abortion and birth control services in that metropolis.  The app also tells them how to obtain services based on where they live, and what they can expect at the clinics.   the directory lists as “Gold Star clinics”  those which offer free birth control and abortion.

The App links a video of New York girl, “Samantha”,  who talks about boinking with her boyfriend, and wishing that she were also doing it with her girlfriend too.  She describes the “free and confidential” birth control and abortion services, as well as not needing permission from anyone to obtain them.

NYC is on Pharmer’s ‘NOT’ List of  kids school field trips, for reasons of this kind of cultural rot.

CNS News says that no answers from health dept. officials were forthcoming about the  use of  federal or local tax dollars for encouraging kid sex in New York City.

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