Did you Hear? NYC is Bailing Out on Hybrid Buses

NYC has about 1677 hybrid buses out of a total fleet  of 5719 vehicles.  Unfortunately the cost of maintaining those hybrid engines is very high, and the five year warranty is running out.   The “green”  engines have proven unreliable, and the city is can’t afford to pay for replacements.

The city stopped purchasing hybrid buses three years ago.  There are plans to retrofit 389 of those existing  buses with DIESEL ENGINES!

What Else is Wrong with NYC? Health Dept. App for Kid Sex

Teens  can download a phone app at the New York City’s Health Department website, which reminds them that they don’t need parental consent for abortion and birth control services in that metropolis.  The app also tells them how to obtain services based on where they live, and what they can expect at the clinics.   the directory lists as “Gold Star clinics”  those which offer free birth control and abortion.

The App links a video of New York girl, “Samantha”,  who talks about boinking with her boyfriend, and wishing that she were also doing it with her girlfriend too.  She describes the “free and confidential” birth control and abortion services, as well as not needing permission from anyone to obtain them.

NYC is on Pharmer’s ‘NOT’ List of  kids school field trips, for reasons of this kind of cultural rot.

CNS News says that no answers from health dept. officials were forthcoming about the  use of  federal or local tax dollars for encouraging kid sex in New York City.

CBS Journo-LOSTS Demonstrate Educational failure.

Officials: 80 Percent Of Recent NYC High School Graduates Cannot Read « CBS New York.

The article above  informs us that 80 percent of NYC High School Students need remedial instruction in the basics before going on to college.  In other words,  they have to pay for additional education because they’re not being adequately prepared by the government funded education.

Three hours before Pharmer encountered the article, another reader, “SS”,  had commented on a typo in the word ‘group’, (grouip), the mispelling of the word ‘nervous’, (nervus),  and the use of “emersion” rather than immersion.   Two of the errors were corrected, but the word “nervus” still remained at the time of this reading.

Were this a blogger, such as yours truly,  who posts news on the fly, without the benefit of an editor, one might expect some errors.  Journalists write for a living, and have the “benefit” of editors, who are supposed to review articles before publication.

Fortunately, CBS has a third layer of help from those who append comments to the posts.   Thanks “SS” for your voluntary service to news readers.


NYC Food Inspector Harasses Chinese Restauranteur in Storm Stricken lower Manhattan

Government Bureaucracy In Hurricane – Business Insider.

This story of a Chinese Restauranteur in lower Manhattan  being harassed by an NYC food inspector has gone viral, as an example of big government gone useless.

Without electricity and water, this restaurant remained open to serve the public by candle light.  A buffet dinner was interrupted by a food inspector with his flashlight, disrupting the lives of  ordinary citizens being served a hot meal as they begin the work to rebuild.

Meanwhile Barack Obama was touring the New Jersey Shore with Governor Chris Christie, and promising to cut red tape and suspend regulations to help speed up the rebuilding process.

Sooooooo   why is the government standing in the way of  the citizens the rest of the time?

Mayor Bloomberg: No More Police Until Americans Give Up Their Guns

Mayor Bloomberg: No More Police Until Americans Give Up Their Guns.

Breitbart’s Awr Hawkins  has caught the flaming metrosexual, Mayor Bloomberg, hysterically whining about gun rights on the Piers Morgan Show, in response to the Batman Massacre.

Bloomers suggests that police should all go on strike until Americans give up their guns.

Bloomberg flames: “I would take it one step further. I don’t understand why police officers across this country don’t stand up, collectively, and say, ‘We’re going to go on strike. We’re not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what’s required to keep us safe.”

Pharmer replies:    The police are for cleaning up the mess after the crime is committed.  In the majority of cases, police do not arrive in time to stop a crime in progress.
Mayor Bloomberg,  I prefer that gun rights would be respected everywhere, and that your NYC police go on strike as you suggest.

Al Sharpton Defends NYC aborting 60% of Black Babies

Alveda King: ‘The Most Dangerous Place for An African American is in the Womb’ | CNSnews.com.

Prol-life leader, Alveda King spoke up about Al Sharpton’s  threat to protest the Pro-life sign put up in the Soho district of New York City.  It pointed out the fact of NYC’s extremely high rate of abortion for Black residents.

Pro aborts threatened people  who worked in the building near the pro-life billboard, and this caused Lamar Advertising Company to remove the sign prematurely.

Al Sharpton took credit for the censorship.  Apparently he’s OK with New York’s  incredibly high abortion rate, with the rate of killing Black babies vastly outpacing that of White babies.   He apparently has concluded that pointing out the problem  is  a much greater offense than the actual killings.

Special Condemnation of this Crime from The Elites

8 gang suspects arraigned in NYC anti-gay attack – Yahoo! News.

Sure wish that the Elites, such as Mayor Bloomberg of NYC thought that abuse and  rapes of women and children merited the special condemnation that they  reserved for attack on gays  by a gang in his city.

Pharmer is one of those people who thinks that equal crimes should bring equal punishment, and that torturing and raping children and women is just as bad as doing that stuff to gays.

Perhaps there would be less of that going on if our leftie elitists felt the same way and acted on it.

Remember, Portland Oregon……… the US capital of sex slavery..…. has TWO,  count em….  ONLY TWO vice cops.