Melinda Gates and “Women Deliver” Bring Their Best to Women’s Health

Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates is continuing her quest to control  reproduction of the Brown people on planet Earth.  She’s been working on the Women Deliver Conference, an outreach by the abortion arm of the UN.  “Trainers” brought  to this week’s  conference in Kuala Lumpur include  Peter Singer (who thinks that infanticide is fine), and LeRoy Carhart,  (who has an unlicensed nurse at his Maryland Clinic, and a nurse who might lose her license in August, at his Omaha clinic).

Ms. Gates is raising funds to bring Depo-Provera, and other birth control to 120 million more women in the developing countries.  She has also partnered with the United Nations Population Fund, which has been helping  to administer China’s one child policy.  Gate’s latest push is called Women Deliver, but it’s much more likely to prevent that.

You would think that Gates could afford to bring better trainers than Singer and Carhart (whose Maryland clinic has eight pages of failures listed on its  last state inspection). Only women would put up with such low quality  “health care”.

Incidentally, three fourths of Maryland’s 16  abortion clinics failed to comply with safety regulations, as reported by that state’s Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene. One fourth of the clinics were deemed to be bad enough to be shut down immediately.   There’s not a chance that men would tolerate this kind of substandard health care for themselves.

3 thoughts on “Melinda Gates and “Women Deliver” Bring Their Best to Women’s Health

  1. Thanks for reporting on this, but this post needs a correction. C-Fam is the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, the pro-life group that is reporting on the Women Deliver Conference. They are opposing Gates, not working with her.

  2. To Amy………. FIXED. TY for the correction. Obviously my memory capacity for acronyms has been exceeded.

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