How to Know the Attack on Indiana RFRA has Nothing to do with Civil Rights.

Tim Cook of Apple has been whining about Indiana’s RFRA, but he has been selling his products in countries which have a policy of killing people for being homosexual.  It’s quite blatant.

Google shows 2 Apple stores, a couple of Mac stores and Best Buys in Indiana
Google shows TWO Apple stores, 3 Mac stores and Best Buys within the entire state of   Indiana.


Apple Stores in Tehran There are more Apple stores in Tehran than in the entire state of Indiana.  This might be some kind of favoritism, or perhaps a death wish.  Does Cook fantasize about being snuffed by a big, strong, radical Islamist who thinks homosexual people should not be allowed to live?  That is just too weird, so what else could fuel his oddly inconsistent behavior?

Most likely, Cook will do anything to secure power for the leftists, but he really is playing with fire. Anything could happen to him once the Islamists or the leftists no longer find him useful.

Gay conservatives, and those who respect their right to life, are asking Tim Cook to account for his agenda and his display of apparent hypocrisy. 

Obama Humiliates the United States in Syria Debacle

Is it true??? that Pelosi said we have to bomb Syria in order to find out whose chemical weapons are in it.  😉

Very briefly,  John Kerry, the formerly anti-war Secretary of State made an off the cuff comment about Bashir Assad giving up his chemical weapons, in order to stop an attack from the U.S.

This gaffe, which he tried to take back, because it did not agree with U.S. policy  (He even explained the gaffe to the Russians), has now BECOME U.S. Policy.  Putin jumped on the opportunity to give his side of the world a laugh at Obama’s expense, making an offer that could not be refused.  Assad will give up his chemical weapons  (i.e. let Russia store them for awhile) and Putin will continue to arm Assad and Iran, the latter of which is promising to destroy the U.S.   The only ones not pretending to be happy are the Syrian rebels.

Assad has resumed bombing Damascus with conventional weapons…….. and everything is all good with Obama now.  The media has resumed singing praise of his brilliance, calling this a great success, and crediting the machismo of Obama for causing Assad sending his weapons of mass destruction to the Russian storage facility for awhile.

Yes, it is the third term of Jimmy Carter.  The U.S. is the laughingstock of the world.

Putin Emerges as Top Dog in Syrian Debacle

To lead off, here’s  another report, this time from the Germans,  that casts doubt on whether Assad is responsible for the use of chemical weapons on Syrian forces. According to this source, intercepted communications showed Assad denying permission for the use of chemical weapons.

Bashir Assad appears to have accepted Vladimir Putin’s proposal to put his chemical weapons under international control, for subsequent dismantling.

After an attack on Syria has been spun  as an effort to reduce the influence of Iran, perhaps Obama will have to make up another story, explaining why firing missiles on Syria is no longer necessary, and we don’t have to worry about Iran anymore.

Every few hours brings a new shift in the Middle East policy and plans.  It’s making Putin look almost reasonable, and Obama appear indecisive and incompetent.   Who would want to rely on U.S. foreign policy now?

Obama’s agenda to diminish the stature of the U.S. in the world is proceeding as well as any leftist could hope.

****Meanwhile, don’t forget to tell your congress critters to DEFUND obamacare and to kiss off the latest immigration amnesty package, while you voice your opinion on the Syrian mess.