Obama Humiliates the United States in Syria Debacle

Is it true??? that Pelosi said we have to bomb Syria in order to find out whose chemical weapons are in it.¬† ūüėČ

Very briefly,  John Kerry, the formerly anti-war Secretary of State made an off the cuff comment about Bashir Assad giving up his chemical weapons, in order to stop an attack from the U.S.

This gaffe, which he tried to take back, because it did not agree with U.S. policy¬† (He even explained the gaffe to the Russians), has now BECOME U.S. Policy.¬† Putin jumped on the opportunity to give his side of the world a laugh at Obama’s expense, making an offer that could not be refused.¬† Assad will give up his chemical weapons¬† (i.e. let Russia store them for awhile) and Putin will continue to arm Assad and Iran, the latter of which is promising to destroy the U.S.¬†¬† The only ones not pretending to be happy are the Syrian rebels.

Assad has resumed bombing Damascus with conventional weapons…….. and everything is all good with Obama now.¬† The media has resumed singing praise of his brilliance, calling this a great success, and crediting the machismo of Obama for causing Assad sending his weapons of mass destruction to the Russian storage facility for awhile.

Yes, it is the third term of Jimmy Carter.  The U.S. is the laughingstock of the world.

2 thoughts on “Obama Humiliates the United States in Syria Debacle

  1. The right likes to claim that Obama set race relations back, but in my opinion, he has helped move race relations forward by forcing the racists out of the woodwork and exposed the virulent bigotry that still infects too many Americans.
    The internet has also helped to expose the extremists by giving them an anonymous platform to spout their divisive, racist rhetoric, but the interminable ugliness of their words tends to turn people off in the end.

    The right-wing demagogues and extremists today remind me of the McCarthy era, and I think that the

    Same thing every time, you have no facts of your own so you resort to name calling every time. Please "enlighten" me on why Putin using his leverage to get the CW's out of syria is a bad thing? You are blinded by your hatred for your president. You have no concept of gathering evidence and making a case before the court of world opinion and geo-political arms negotiations.
    No doubt about it! anyone who hates this man IS a racist, I believe that firmly!

  2. Note the reference to name calling, and race relations which are not pertinent to the post to which Soulstraw's comment is appended. Perhaps that is a generic preface which Soulstraw uses to reply to all criticisms of Obama. All other presidents have been subjected to criticism. Perhaps Obama is considered too fragile for such criticism.

    Since both Assad and the rebels had access to chemical weapons, (the rebels having captured some last summer) no one knows who is responsible for the incident in Syria.
    The U.S. and UN are not able to establish who ordered the attack in question.
    Leftists believe that Putin will take the chemical weapons out of Syria permanently. This would be amusing if it were not a deadly error.

    Soul straw is inextricably attached to a president who is one with planned parenthood, the eugenicist organization which has successfully implemented a program to control and contain minority populations in the U.S.
    With the undying support of Obama, Soulstraw has endorsed the genocidal program which is now killing almost half of the babies of Black Americans. Something is wrong here.

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