Advanced Bioscience Resources Procures Baby Parts from Planned Parenthood

Perrin Larton of Advanced BioScience Resources explains how her company obtains baby parts from abortions at Planned Parenthood, and how the babies are sometimes born alive.

Look for details about the difficulties of obtaining whole abdominal parts such as livers.

Remember, all of the vids in this series have been presented alongside their full footage.   Explained in this film is that  there have been federal regulations  against  funding embryonic stem cell research, but funding to fetal tissue research has continued.

Stem Express Went to Court to Keep This Covered Up

Now you know why…….. it gets grosser and sicker, selling baby parts and INTACT whole babies, over a meal in a nice restaurant.

You can also learn about  the pitfalls of baby part quality control, blood clots, contamination, and rampant bacterial problems in certain clinics.  Wonder if that spaghetti tasted better with the conversation.  mmmmmm??

Holly O’Donnell Reveals What Compelled Her to Leave Stem Cell Express

Abby Johnson was pushed out of the abortion business by seeing an ultrasound guided abortion that hit her with the reality of killing unborn humans.

Holly O’Donnell, former baby parts procurement technician, was pushed out of the business by seeing the extraction of a brain from an aborted baby who was still alive.

This is not medicine. How far will the slaughter and sale of humans go before people wake up?

Prayers for Holly who has shown extreme courage in exposing these practices.

Jeb Bush Cowers before this Troupe From The Shallow End of the Gene Pool

Dredged up from the muck are Leftist storm troopers of exceptionally low IQ, who have been unable to discern the irony in shouting “Black lives matter!” at a Jeb Bush Town hall, while wearing shirts supporting planned parenthood, the organization which kills 90,000 black people yearly, by means of abortion.
Despite the gurls blatantly obvious lack of intellect, Jeb Bush apparently felt insecure enough to slink away from his town hall meeting in Las Vegas

Gurls in Plannned Parenthood T Shirts
Gurls in Plannned Parenthood T Shirts earn Darwin Award

More From Holly, the former Baby Part Procurement Tech

Holly’s job made her heart sick, so she has blown the whistle on Stem Express, which paid Planned Parenthood for the opportunity to collect baby parts.  This second in a series reveals the disrespect this company had for the women who were getting abortions, as well as for the babies being killed.   Apparently some of the Stem Express employees were grabbing baby parts without obtaining consent from the moms.

Please pass this information on.   The mainstream media is burying it so effectively that most Americans have not heard that Planned Parenthood’s top business is abortion, and that it sells baby parts to collect up to 60 percent more income from each case of baby killing.

Grosser and Grosser: Planned Parenthood showcases 18 week old Twin’s parts

and explains that they can alter abortion procedures in order to obtain intact cadavers for sale. 

Please share this fifth video in the Center for Medical Progress Series.  Plenty of low information voters are still unaware of it.  Remember, there are seven more videos, and each one is expected to be sicker than the last.

Planned Parenthood really should not be funded and treated as an agency of the Federal Government by the Obama Administration.

Cecil the Lion is more important than 90,000 Black Americans per year

To the lefties, Cecil’s life matters more.

90,000 Black American babies are slaughtered by Planned Parenthood yearly, and the main stream media yawns.   Your friendly Pharmer thinks that this slaughter is exactly what the leftists want.

Today,  the same freekazoid media is lit up about the killing of Cecil, a lion in Zimbabwe who was collared 4 times and studied for years.   The individual who killed Cecil, apparently thought he was hunting legally, but is now being hounded by animal lovers to an extent not ever felt by Planned Parenthood, which sells body parts from selected babies killed at its abortion clinics. Sarah Palin’s meme is added below because it is accurate and applicable.  Nobody’s baby should be hacked up and parted out to Mengele-like “researchers”.

One of the reasons why American mainstream media has lost the attention of most citizens is because it has so totally lost a sense of proportion that it has ceased to be rational.

Planned Parenthood killed 90000 Black American Babies Last YearThe vaccine production and medical research conducted using parts from killed human beings will continue to be poorly effective and/or useless.   This is a result of the universal pattern, recognized in the West as the  Reap-What-You-Sow rule,  and in the East as Karma..

Wake Up America!!

Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts Video #3: Procurement

A former procurement technician is featured in this third installment of the Planned Parenthood expose by Center for Medical Progress.   She answered an employment ad on Craigs list, run by Stem Express (so classy) and said that almost no personal info was needed for her to get an interview with this employer.

Watch, if your stomach is strong.  Actual parts of a very young human fetus are featured, though not in huge detail.

The profit motive of planned parenthood becomes very clear in the discussion of how the parts procurement is handled.   About $300 bucks can be obtained from a fetus from which  4 usable parts are dissected.  Harvesting productivity is rewarded with extra cash.