More From Holly, the former Baby Part Procurement Tech

Holly’s job made her heart sick, so she has blown the whistle on Stem Express, which paid Planned Parenthood for the opportunity to collect baby parts.  This second in a series reveals the disrespect this company had for the women who were getting abortions, as well as for the babies being killed.   Apparently some of the Stem Express employees were grabbing baby parts without obtaining consent from the moms.

Please pass this information on.   The mainstream media is burying it so effectively that most Americans have not heard that Planned Parenthood’s top business is abortion, and that it sells baby parts to collect up to 60 percent more income from each case of baby killing.

Vid Exposes Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts

The Center for Medical Progress (whose site is crashed today)  has splashed the results of a 30 month long Human Capital Project which documented how Planned Parenthood disperses the body part industry among its affiliates, so they can take the fall when someone blows the lid off of this illegal operation.  The journalists painstakingly attended abortion conventions and gathered paperwork and video footage to produce a rare example of actual investigative journalism.   Hats off to these intrepid throwbacks to the day of real news gathering and reporting.  SEE Planned Unparenthood Director of Medical Services, Dr. Deborah Nucatola chomping her salad while she discusses the manner of selectively crunching babies in utero so as to avoid damaging the parts of interest to customers.   SEE CEO, Cecile Richards acknowledging the baby parts industry and say how Amazing Dr. Nucatola is.  The Youtube vid is working as of now. Tweet your disgust…… Jill Stanek explains the pro-life twitter mission at the end of her blog article.  Everyone needs to know just how low Planned Unparenthood can go. Get the word OUT. #PPSellsBabyParts.

Center for Medical Progress Expose, 30 months in the making

“Burn Baby Burn” Aborted Canadians Used for Energy in Oregon

The Covanta Waste to Energy treatment plant in Brooks, Oregon was featured at in an 2007 article entitled Burn Baby Burn. Years later we find out that this is exactly what has been going on at this facility, which converts biomedical waste to energy.  The original article addressed public concerns about the possible toxic or hazardous effects of incinerating imported medical waste.  The possibility of dioxin or mercury contamination of nearby bodies of water occupied the minds of those who objected to this facility.

A present day article reveals that part of the medical waste imported from British Columbia to the Covanta facility, for incineration, is comprised of aborted Canadian babies.  This admission comes from the British Columbia Health Ministry, acknowledging that these babies have become part of the electricity supplied by the facility to the residents of Oregon.  Specifically, the aborted Canadians are burned, along with other Canadian body parts, in a pair of huge boilers, at a temp of 2000 degrees fahrenheit.  The heat transfers to water tubes, creating steam to drive turbines, which in turn generate electricity. Read more at Lifesite News, which notes that Oregon joins the UK in the practice of  using the remains of aborted babies to supply energy.   RECYCLING!!!

UpdateMarion County Chairperson, Sam Brentano is upset at hearing that aborted Canadians are being burned for electricity at the Covanta Facility.  There is a plan to suspend burning medical waste while this issue is investigated.  Brentano apparently does not want to do anything to “facilitate abortion”.


Modestly Proposing that Abortion is Good

Abortion: the best thing since sliced bread.

Adam’s abortion commentary impelled Pharmer of Redneckia to dredge  past memories of literate pursuits, and Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal“, (which is worse than ‘Soylent Green’), came to mind. Click to hear Adam.

The satire that kids put out has to really bite deep to get a response, because they have had so much audio visual shock administered early in life.  Adam tried to go farther and crazier than the abortion supporters of today to elicit the laughter from his peers.  The problem is that being crazier than the abortion extremists is impossible, and that’s what has some people  wondering if Adam was kidding.

This confusion is the same thing that occurred with the “Abortionplex” parody put out by The Onion.  Some people really believed that the abortion sellers had (already) created such a facility……..just because it is within the realm of possibility.

See also: 
Hospitals in UK incinerating aborted babies for heat.
A Modest Proposal, by Johnathan Swift

Some UK Hospitals are Heated in Part by Incinerating Aborted Babies

It’s the ultimate in RECYCLING!!   Green energy for some UK hospitals comes from incinerating medical waste, part of which is aborted babies.

According to the UK Telegraph, Ten NHS trusts admit to having burned aborted babies along with rubbish, and two trusts have burned the fetal remains in “waste to energy” plants which provide heat for the hospitals.

Some parents are not consulted about the remains after a miscarriage, and these are burned as waste or for heat, as well as those babies who are aborted. Moms are sometimes told that the babies have been cremated. Between 2011 and 2013, the remains of 1101 unborn babies were cremated in the Ipswich Hospital “waste to energy plant” for example. This facility is operated by a private contractor, and a spokesperson of the Ipswich hospital is denying that remains from that hospital are incinerated.  Their concern is that remains from other hospitals are being burned there.

Read more of this disturbing news  at the UK Telegraph.

Recycling Gone Mad

Baby Found Dead On Conveyor Belt At Victorville Recycling Plant « CBS Los Angeles.

A newborn baby girl, wrapped in a blanket was found on the conveyor belt of a San Bernardino County recycling plant in Victorville, CA.

Police are asking help from citizens to help them find the mother and asking them to call homicide detective Bryan Zierdt at 909-387-3589.

The cause of death is yet to be determined.

Maybe someone had an excessive dose of the recycling dogma.

Soylent Brown- Double Horsemeat Fraud

Horsemeat found in British supermarkets ‘may be donkey’ – Home News – UK – The Independent.

It seems that a change in Romanian regulations has banned horses drawn carriages from the roads.   This has resulted in wholesale slaughter of horses, and is said to have precipitated fraudulent horse meat distribution throughout Europe.

Now it appears that there may be an added problem.  Some of the horse meat might actually be DONKEY!!   Is it actual donkeys, or have leftists taken their convictions about recycling to the max??  🙂

The Food Standards Agency of Europe is rejecting the idea of a ban on all meat imports.  Their claim is that all the products on sale are safe for human consumption.

Pharmer begs to differ.


ABC Demonstrates Cultural Rot at the TSA

Hundreds of TSA officers have been fired for stealing, despite the fact that most of their theft victims have almost zero  recourse once an item has been stolen.

Click below to see the rare ABC story worth viewing.  Staffers  tracked an iPad, using GPS and alarm features, from airport security in Orlando to the home of the TSA officer, Andy Ramirez.

Ramirez is of such low quality that he has been shown to have

1) transported an iPad which is not his from the airport to his home, apparently unaware that these devices are loaded or can be equipped  with tracking, file wiping, and various other anti-theft features.

2) denied having  it after ABC personnel announced that they had tracked it to his home via GPS

3) blamed the theft on his wife after the alarm was set off

Your Transportation Security Agency spends your tax dollars on such cowardly  idiots as Ramirez.

See for yourself.

via ABC News Tracks Missing iPad To Florida Home of TSA Officer – ABC News.

Porn Addicts Might Be Forced to Recycle, Due to Syphilis Outbreak

Porn industry announces moratorium after syphilis-case reports –

An LA group which represents the  porn film  industry  is suspending operations while testing for syphilis among its one thousand performers  is underway.

An 18% increase in syphilis in the state of California between 2010 and 2011,  has gotten  their health department officials all excited.

There’s debate concerning Measure B in Los Angeles, which would allow spot inspections of porn producers, and mandates that condoms be deployed in x rated film production.