Media Slip Reveals When Human Life Begins

This is WORSE than when Hillary said that the “unborn human being doesn’t have constitutional rights”, and the aborto-nauts freaked out over the terminology.

This Telegraph UK article is gaga over research showing what happens when sperm enzyme acts on the membrane of the oocyte.   This had not been seen using human eggs in the past.  A pretty fluorescence is visible as zinc ions exit the membrane during what would be the beginning of sperm penetration.

All over the article is reference to the BEGINNING OF LIFE.  So there should be a screen shot of this before it disappears, after the aborto-nauts throw another hissie fit.


Unfortunately the main thing coming out of this research is a plan to use the intensity of the flash to evaluate which test tube embryos to keep and which to toss out.

Stem Express Went to Court to Keep This Covered Up

Now you know why…….. it gets grosser and sicker, selling baby parts and INTACT whole babies, over a meal in a nice restaurant.

You can also learn about  the pitfalls of baby part quality control, blood clots, contamination, and rampant bacterial problems in certain clinics.  Wonder if that spaghetti tasted better with the conversation.  mmmmmm??

Holly O’Donnell Reveals What Compelled Her to Leave Stem Cell Express

Abby Johnson was pushed out of the abortion business by seeing an ultrasound guided abortion that hit her with the reality of killing unborn humans.

Holly O’Donnell, former baby parts procurement technician, was pushed out of the business by seeing the extraction of a brain from an aborted baby who was still alive.

This is not medicine. How far will the slaughter and sale of humans go before people wake up?

Prayers for Holly who has shown extreme courage in exposing these practices.

Puking Up One’s Guts -Literally

When a human vomits, only about a third of the stomach contents is reliably returned.

There are some frog species which can vomit much more efficiently.  If you have a strong stomach, you can see the evidence and the mechanism by clicking HERE.

Frog pukes his guts out
Frog pukes his guts out

The stomach is everted (turned inside out) in full view of the observer, and wiped clean by the frog, before re-swallowing it.  This extra effort serves as protection for the frog after eating such things as poisonous insects.

Fortunately the stomach contents aren’t too disgusting in appearance, so go ahead… you can watch it…..

To learn more……

What does an Old Mesopotamian Tablet Mean to Leftists?

Why This Might be ‘One of the Most Important Human Documents Ever Discovered’ |

There’s big  debate over at The Blaze about the decoding of an ancient tablet which describes a vessel designed to save species from a great flood.

To the academicians, this tablet does not support the Biblical account of Noah’s ark, but rather is evidence that the story originates in Babylon.

The lefties are crowing, saying that this tablet somehow invalidates the Bible, calling it PROOF that the Noah’s ark did not exist.

This claim presupposes that ideas never occur more than once, which flies in the face of everyday experience.
Finding an older tablet of specifications for a big boat to preserve life from a flood does not “prove” the non-existence of a later prototype.
The suggestion that it does would imply that discovering the  drawings of Da Vinci  would somehow “prove” that the aircraft built by the Wright brothers never existed, to a person studying the history of air travel  a thousand years from now.

Possibly such leftie logic, exemplified above, will be extinguished before the next millenium, due to natural selection 😉

The anti-Bible and anti-Creator religions are based upon unprovable beliefs, and are based upon faith in the unseen, and things which cannot be objectively established. They are quite divorced from the scientific method, though the word “science” is frequently abused as a mantra in these religions.

China Lands an Unmanned Probe on the Moon

After a successful soft landing by lunar vehicle, Chang’e 3, China will be exploring the moon’s surface with Yutu, a roving vehicle, which is expected to survey and look for natural resources for three months using 3D imagery, ground penetrating radar and a pair of spectrometers.
The landing vehicle itself is expected to send data for a year.
For more detail on the mission and equipment aboard the vehicles, Check out NASA

About as Plausible as Man Made Global Warming:

“Geneticist” Eugene McCarthy purports a hypothesis that humans are a result of male Pig mating with a Primate, followed by successive backcrossings, notwithstanding what we usually see in the cases of progeny with unpaired chromosomes……

The Hybrid Hypothesis: More about the Cross.

Pharmer recalls a fellow graduate student, speaking of his own lustful tendencies: “I can’t help myself, I’m such a pig…..”
(It all makes sense now.)

It’s no more implausible than man made global warming and will spontaneously generate greater parodies of science.

UPDATE: People are spazzing out at The Blaze, over this “hypothesis” and it’s fun to watch the response to this cross between news at the Onion and a publication in the Journal of Irreproducible Results.

Remember……McCarthy actually proposed  that the giant forest boar (600 lb male pig) corkscrewed the female pygmy chimpanzee. There is the problem of the process itself, (look up piggy reproductive processes) and the mal-proportion…… the pygmy chimp female is only 60 to 70 lbs, and then there’s the problem of materno-feto-disproportion. Yep, this contribution to “science” is all in good fun (we hope).

So much equally crazy stuff comes from the left that it has become hard for people to recognize humor.

as real as man made global warming
as real as man made global warming

Kaboom! Prototype Lithium Ion Battery Explodes at GM Lab

Gases from prototype battery blamed for blast at GM Tech Center | The Detroit News |

Gases from a  prototype lithium ion battery at a GM test lab are blamed for an explosion that blew out windows and injured a worker at the Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.

A battery produced by A123 in Massachusetts was being put through its paces in a laboratory setting  when it blew.   The same company will be supplying batteries for the 2013 EV version of the Chevy Spark.

While considerable structural damage occurred, only one worker was injured badly enough to be hospitalized, according to info from GM.

On Conservative Distrust of Science

There’s a  ‘study’ which concludes that Conservatives increasingly distrust science, and this group has shown the greatest change from trust to distrust in the last three-plus  decades.    The author  attributes the intertwining of science and public policy as a possible reason.   Left out of the coverage is the issue of rampant dishonesty and fraud, which has become increasingly visible to those outside the research fields.

In the coverage at the Blaze, there is an interesting comment that people don’t really agree on what science is.   It’s a fact that most people, as a result of the dismal failures in education, have no idea that science is a methodology for studying the physical  phenomena.  Many of them erroneously  think that science is an aggregation of information honored as “fact” by consensus.

Retraction Watch   <—– See a blog which monitors science journal retractions. This exemplifies the main reason why there’s a growing distrust of science. People observe and hear of rampant fraud and abuse. An example of this, the Global Warming Hoax (cult religion), has become very expensive to us.

This former researcher, and present day pharmacist is often hard pressed to distinguish what appears in NEJM, JAMA and Lancet from what is written in the Journal of Irreproducible Results.

Among the false intellectuals who dominate academia, there is little sense of accountability. They scoff at the idea that a person has responsibility to others. This is passed on to their students.

The natural result is dishonesty and work product of low quality. Conservatives, who show a tendency to think in a more left brain fashion, would be the first to notice this and register the loss of confidence.

US asks scientific journals to censor bird flu studies

US asks scientific journals to censor bird flu studies | World news |

This censorship idea  is neither profound nor new. The science journals have been known to publish at the will of the government. (Think:  “climate change research”.)

In this particular instance, there is request to redact some of the  material and methods section, and part of the data on specific bird flu alterations which make it more easily transmitted among humans.   The idea  is  that this might  help prevent  the propagation of these altered  viruses for bio-terrorism uses.