The World’s Biggest Tick

A prime subject for a horror movie, is George Soros, who has been sucking the life blood out of civilization for decades.   Here’s hoping that our future President Trump seals this horrendous creature up in a jar while he’s draining the swamp.
George Soros, the world's biggest tick

BREXIT……. Cause for Celebration.

After George Soros huffed, puffed and wheezed a threat to the global markets, UK citizens voted in favor of BREXIT!  They are rewarded with an extra special bonus as David Cameron has announced his intention to resign as prime minister.  Not even pounding rain and floods could keep the voters away.  Seventy two percent  turnout produced this miracle of UK independence from the European Union.  Markets are heaving and currency is fluctuating, but somehow the UK will make it through this new and welcome change.  Congratulations and happy Independence Day to the British people.

Happy Independence Day June 23, 2016
Happy Independence Day June 23, 2016

Loonie Students Join Leftist Rent-a-Mobs to Agitate at College Campuses

The latest media meme is that students all across the U.S. are whining about racism, and demanding that they be excused from paying off their student loans, and that tuition should be free.

One of the reasons for a relative lack of photography at these protest events is that rent-a-mob members (hired by leftist political groups) could be identified.

Any actual students participating in these protests should be on notice that we know them for what they are:  little mooching pigs demanding that tax payers, who could never afford college education for themselves, fully fund their “free” ride.

Soros, The World’s Biggest Tick, Backs Border Destruction in Europe

George Soros with a mouthfull
The World’s Biggest Tick

Picture a giant tick sucking the life out of Planet Earth.  That’s George Soros.  If anything disruptive, painful and genocidal is occurring throughout the western hemisphere, (and probably elsewhere), you can count on the involvement of Soros.  He has lately stated his backing to remove the borders of Europe to Bloomberg News.  This parasite has been enriching himself from the effects of social upheaval on the markets for many decades.

Perhaps he represents the punishment we deserve from relying too much on government. Maybe we should repent, and pray for the Creator to remove the tick by whatever mechanism He deems suitable.

Third Time Could Be a Charm for the World’s Biggest Tick

George Soros with a mouthfull
The World’s Biggest Tick

It’s wedding bells for the third time for George Soros. Tamiko Bolton is the lucky 42 year old woman, hitched up to a guy twice her age. Those Billions of Bucks will make the happy couple forget all about little medical details such as BPH, CHF and the occasional incontinence episode. Wealth is a most powerful pheromone.

In his wake, Soros had left Annaliese Witschak in 1983, Susan Weber Soros in 2005, and the girlfriends in between. Click HERE for further notes on the surreal, Sept 20, wedding celebration of  the “World’s Biggest Tick” and bride number 3.


The World’s Biggest Tick Sucks $Billion by Betting Against Yen

George Soros Bags $1 Billion Betting Against Yen.

The latest host of the World’s biggest tick, George Soros, is Japan. Japan’s yen has taken a big dump, between November and February, losing 20% against the dollar. Soros has been sucking the whole time, gaining a billion in profits from the Japanese, whose government is printing money as fast as it can. Companion ticks are hedge funds: Greenlight Capital, Third Point, and Hayman Capital.

All You Need to Know About the World’s Biggest Tick: George Soros

MRC Special Report on George Soros: Godfather of the Left |

world's biggest tick
George Soros with a mouthful

The Media Research Center had prepared a report on the Godfather of the left,  George Soros.

Pharmer calls Soros “the World’s Biggest Tick“, since he engineers his profits  from the decline of nations.   In turn,  he feeds a large portion to the LEFTIES, who further the devolution and destruction of civilizations.

Like other Parasites,  George Soros eventually kills his hosts and moves on. 

Read up at The MRC website !

Summary of the Soros Report


World’s Biggest Tick Approves Romney

From the collection of political grenades:
George Soros sees not much difference between Romney and Obama. Newt took a Soros interview and turned it into this killer ad. If he had enough money to saturate the airwaves with this one, it could make a difference for him.

The World’s Biggest TICK Sucks Up MF Global Bonds

Scavenging Soros: Market Speculator Buys Up $2 Billion of MF Global’s Debt | Video |

Remember that  hedge fund investment company that Jon Corzine destroyed?

George Soros knows how to make money by buying the debt of MF Global.   He has gotten around $2 billion dollars of  the European portion of the bonds.

Investors tend to follow the moves of Soros,  (picture a cluster of ticks sucking from the same site), so what he does has a magnified influence on markets.