Convention of States to Amend the Constitution

It’s heating up.  A procedure which Mark Levin cites in his book, Liberty Amendments, is allowed by the Article 5 of the Constitution.  It specifies that state legislatures can send representatives to a convention to vote on amendments to the Constitution.   A three fourths majority of the representatives at the convention  is required to pass an amendment.

It’s a way for the states to address the utter bilge and corruption in Washington D.C.

97 legislators from 32 states  met in Mt. Vernon on 12/7  to discuss calling a Convention of the States to amend the Constitution.   A two thirds  majority of the state legislatures have to give the OK for such a convention to be called, and it appears that the effort is NOW underway.

Write your state legislators if you think that this is a good idea.  Overall, the red states could make some serious headway against the constant flushing of sewage from D.C.

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