Count Down to AlGore’s Warmageddon

TIME’s UP!   We’re gonna BURN!

Algore predicted the world’s end by fire (global warming) On Jan 27, 2006. He said we had 10 years left, which gave Rush Limbaugh a big laugh. He’s had a countdown on his website, linked to the front page for 10 years. Today he’s got a special graphic moved to the top of the page.
There’s a party where Pharmer works tonight to celebrate WARMAGEDDON. Be sure to take some time to laugh at Algore, and pray that the world survives leftist economic and social policies.

Countdown to Warmageddon Paaaaaaarty!
Countdown to Warmageddon Paaaaaaarty!

UPDATE 2-27 We’re still HERE!!


Check out this special vid while you can.

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