Daily Beast, Planned Parenthood’s Mouthpiece Predicts Punishment for Komen Foundation

Komen Faces Backlash After Pulling Planned Parenthood Funds: Latest News, Tweets, and More – The Daily Beast.

All of planned parenthood’s media is predicting pain and suffering for Komen Foundation, and saying that they picked a side on abortion just because they don’t want the controversy associated with paying for abortions.

There is a claim that planned parenthood made 650,000 dollars based on their media blitz against Komen in this messy divorce.
Komen must have been a very important lynchpin of the abortion chain’s public image for them to scream so loudly. Pharmer thinks they are lying about the backlash, however. Here’s why.

Way back when the Pharmer was creating controversy by defending the rights of health care professionals to avoid participating in abortion, planned parenthood sent out a mailer to all of its constituency. They were given the contact information and exhorted to send their objections directly to your’s truly. This generated exactly ONE emailed response. A single lonely planned parenthood supporter worked up the energy to their convey outrage to this rural dwelling pharmacist.
For this reason, when planned parenthood claims to be getting huge financial response to Komen’s request for a divorce, in today’s economy, Pharmer says B.S..
It’s not true.
Planned parenthoods public relations diarrhea might serve to bring more contributions to Komen from the pro-life set.
Update: Komen reports its donations are up 100% over the last two days.