Deer Hanging on Power Line Causes Outage

‘Deer With Wings’ Causes Power Outage in Montana | Breaking news and opinion on The Blaze

How did a fawn get hung on a power line in Montana?   Apparently with the help of a bald eagle. The above story tells of  a tiny deer carcass hanging on one line, and making contact with second  line, causing a power outage.

Pharmer can tell you that a newborn deer weighs  about as much as a  small cat, having picked one up in an attempt to save it from the dogs.  They’re all legs.  So it would be entirely possible for a big bird of prey  to snag one  and drop it on a high wire.

There was another one by  the  new  cornfield  three  weeks ago,  crying to its mother, who hid in the pine trees watching the  biped working next to her baby.  She collected her fawn a bit later, when the pharmer headed back to the house.