Dr. Temple Grandin

The rural dwellng Pharmer has been a fan of Temple Grandin for many years, due to her contributions to the understanding and humane treatment of cattle. She underwent considerable personal struggle, growing up with autism, and there’s been an attempt at HBO to convey this in a movie.   No comments are provided here on the quality of that film, having not viewed it yet.    There’s no cable TV Down on the Pharm.

Linked below is some news of  Eustacia Cutler,  Temple Grandin’s mom, who has revealed much about the difficulties bringing up an autistic kid before that problem was as well documented or understood.

Temple Grandin’s Mother Offers Words of Hope | Washington Times Communities.

Dr. Temple Grandin herself has produced a large body of writing on her own experiences with autism and the applicability of her unusual perceptive abilities to her accomplishments in bovine  science.    Very cool stuff is to be found at her website.

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