Ectopic to the MAX

Phoenix woman gives birth to baby she carried in abdomen.

Nicolette Soto was able to carry an ectopic pregnancy and deliver a live baby  at 32 weeks.  The delivery of Azelan Cruz Perfecto , weighing in at 2 lb, 14 oz,  occurred at Banner Good Samaritan hospital in Phoenix, AZ.

This kind of success is unexpected, and most women will have the embryo  (with surrounding structures)  removed, or  have the embryo killed using methotrexate.  Under most circumstances of ectopic pregnancy,  a rupture will occur which could result in the death of the mother.

The article does not describe well the location of the fetus in this case.  Here’s the quote:

“Doctors said the pregnancy is rare.  They were still determining where the egg first implanted itself and where it grew outside the uterus, Holloway said.

Surgeons believe Soto had a corneal (sic) pregnancy, where the egg grew just outside the uterus. The area is surrounded by walls that are not supposed to stretch enough to accommodate a baby, said Rodney Edwards, one of Soto’s surgeons at Good Samaritan.”

If you want to learn more about the supposed  location of this fetus within the mom, google CORNUAL pregnancy. 

Perhaps technology will one day permit  routinely moving ectopic embryos to a safer location in the uterus,  allowing them to continue to develop.