Flag Football Fun at Purdue

Purdue Intramural Sports League Video, @ The Blaze.

Brady Cronk, quarterback of the Sour Lemons threw a 30 yard  spinning back PASS, which was completed by teammate Drake Barrett for a touchdown.

This has brought ESPN  fame to Cronk,  a 3rd year student and former quarterback at Seeger High in West Lebanon, Indiana.   He says his coach would never let him throw that pass in H.S. games, though it appears from Twitter that he was recognized for this particular antic.

Flag Football is for this kind of fun. 

Your friendly Pharmer has to do spinning techniques in martial arts and due to age and vertigo, this is  NOT what she does best.   So it was beneficial to watch the skillful  Brady Cronk, frame by frame.  He’s obviously done it many times  before, and might have eyes in the back of his head.

Pharmer sez that if Mr. Cronk wants to become  an amazing  football-sniper,  he’ll be able to hit a small target with his spinning back pass if he brings his head around faster and leans a little less  during his spin.  A little “me ashi te” theory, there.  He might also consider working with various other projectiles.