Government Shutdown: The Left is Trolling for Sad Stories.

The lefties at Generation Progress sent your friendly Pharmer an email, asking for a story of woe and dispair related to the government shut down. They want you to pray to Obama for relief from those dastardly Republicans, who function as blame bodies for all government failure.  It was only necessary to click on the email link, and be directed to a form which asked for personal information and for a story of whatever deprivation has been suffered as a result of the 17 percent government slow down.

Take a look at the lower part of the Generation Progress Tale of Woe Form.    Of particular interest to them is  Pharmer’s race and what kind of sex she likes  See also: the categories of social issues interest them the most.  These leftists are kinky.

If you are bored, you might want to click on their form and tell them some interesting stories, and which party is REALLY being inflexible and refusing to help reduce the liabilities and debt of our failed government.

Generation progress