How Climate Change Guru, Al Gore, Got Where He Is Today

Transcript: Al Gore Got ‘D’ in ‘Natural Sciences’ at Harvard |

Those of us who actually have  worked  in the science fields took the real science courses in college and grad school, and we had alternate names for the ‘science’ courses, which people in other fields took just to satisfy general requirements.

For those other students, there were  the natural science classes…. which might be earth science, environmental sciences,  and the one in which Al Gore scored  a D at Harvard…….. “Mans Place in Nature”.

When he was a senior, AlGore gave it a second try, and got a C+ in Natural Sciences 118.

Gore’s college board achievement testing yielded stellar scores of 488/800 in physics, and 519/800 in chemistry.

All of this amazing background and training is the basis for Gore’s incorrect conclusions about the weather (climate change), for which he obtained a Nobel PEACE (can we stay on topic?) prize.

(Obama’s academic  records are apparently too abysmal to present to the public, if they exist at all.)