Is the Democrat Party Really a Good Fit For Most Black Americans?

A couple of months ago, there were  stories on the internet claiming that Allen West wrote a kinki love letter to his wife, asking her to be his “personal porn star”.  Leftie press was having a fit over this.   Humor and hyperbole are wasted on those journaLOSTs,  so you can correctly surmise that all sorts of accusations about hypocrisy were flying about, with Allen West being a conservative family man and all.

Pharmer imagines that Angela West might have derived  good fun from such a letter, along with some assurance that her husband’s testosterone laden brain was running wild about her, rather than other women.

Much more informative are the comments following this story in News One for Black America.  In contrast to the trash that  you’d find under such a post  in Huffpo or Daily Kos, there are comments asking why personal letters between a couple should be sprayed all over the internet.  Some expressed personal admiration for Allen West as a family man, despite political disagreements.  These responses  outnumber the types of comments that you would see at a usual democrat leaning  site.  Check out the mix for yourself HERE.  It might  leave you further mystified as to why most Black Americans  are voting leftie.