It’s a Girl!

Found in comments at  a link to the Colorado voter records in which Robert Lewis Dear identifies as female.  Some are attributing this record, apparently of the Colorado Springs shooter, to user error.  Others are counting it as one more strangeness of 2015.  Incidentally, this person appears to be unaffiliated politically.

Most Americans are not aware of the content of the recent videos revealing that Planned Parenthood makes money selling baby body parts. The U.S. media establishment has worked hard to suppress this info. (Once it is acceptable to kill humans prior to, during, and shortly after birth, is the disposition of their body parts much more of a big deal?)

A guy who lives without electricity and running water is probably less likely to have seen the Planned Parenthood videos, as they were disseminated mostly on the internet. The shooter might be too mentally disorganized to have formed much of a cohesive motive for killing people, and the location might not be relevant to whatever impetus he had.

It’s interesting that the media has mentioned the Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts videos more than ever before, in the effort of assigning an anti-abortion motive to this incident, before anything is known.

Expect a huge push for gun control coming from the left, because of the location of the shooting.  Planned Parenthood is Mecca, the Holy Land, and the most esteemed Tabernacle to leftists, and any disruption of operations there gives them greater offense than the largest massacres and genocides  occurring anywhere else.