It’s OK… Hitler was anti-gun also…

EDITORIAL: The Brady Campaign’s anti-Semitic honoree – Washington Times.

Though some organizations are rethinking their connections to Helen Thomas after she implied that Jews should go back to where they were “ovened”, the Brady antigunners are not.

Helen Thomas has, despite a series of severe comments expressing hate for Israelis,  been conferred the Sarah Brady award, for those who hate the right of citizens to bear arms.

An award for common ground with Adolf……

3 thoughts on “It’s OK… Hitler was anti-gun also…

  1. Loved the video on Bob Etheridge. So much for openness and transparency.

    Wow. Didn't know Hitler was anti-gun.

  2. Etheridge made a mess of things, but will get away with it.

    Hitler had to take the guns before he could round up the Jews.

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